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Destiny 2: Lightfall

Uncle Mike

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Content vault update for year 5




Forsaken campaign vaulted 

Tangled Shore vaulted

(Dreaming City is staying)

Harbinger dungeon vaulted 

Presage dungeon vaulted


Year 4 seasonal activities vaulted except Battlegrounds which is staying and being integrated in to a new ‘Vangaurd Operations’ playlist along with all the strikes. 

All of Spider’s currency exchanges will now be with Rahool in the tower. 


Forsaken free for everyone in December until Feb along with a Forsaken Pack including some exotic ciphers to get some Forsaken exotics you might not have. 

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6 hours ago, Qazimod said:

EDIT: the pulse rifle dropped from my first lost sector run :lol: 


I got 4 from my first 2 runs, noticed a quest marker over Mara which was something to do with having the ascendant lens in my inventory and she gave me another 3!


Think I’m already done with the lost sectors. Masks don’t interest me, the lore pages don’t really interest me and the other two guns I already have. 

Guess I’ll just try another 3x Atheon checkpoints and not get the Mythoclast. Again. 

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23 minutes ago, KartoffelKopf said:

Is that coat back in the store? I missed it last year. I don't play Warlock very often but when I do I want to look like a Ruffle-wearing Dracula-wizard motherfucker.

Yeah but you have to buy the entire pack - 6k dust 

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59 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

How do you know that? Is it in the TWAB or summat?


I think the dust rotation is often mined by "hackers" in advance. (Not sure how hidden it is/much work to find. It might involve something called an API!)


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On 12/10/2021 at 16:20, Qazimod said:

The pulse rifle could be fun. And it's not the haunted forest again \o/ (although I never "disliked" the haunted forest anyway)


EDIT: the pulse rifle dropped from my first lost sector run :lol: 


I grabbed the emblem as well. :)


I'm not too bothered about the bigger rewards this time around, but I was keen on the emblem and pulse rifle. I'll probably just do what I did last time and leave it until the last day before I spend my candy on a bunch of crappy loot boxes. :P 

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