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Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary events start 7 December - dungeon, 6-player activity, Gjallarhorn quest etc.

Gorf King

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8 hours ago, Mafro said:


I don't have Armamentarium (was going to buy it when Xur had it the other week but I'm not really arsed about having an extra grenade). I've got the War Rig and used that all the time with Sweet Business until the Warmind update that buffed Graviton Lance, Sunshot and Skyburner's Oath so one of them is always in my energy slot. Synthoceps seem pretty good, they were one of the first exotics I got in this but I never really used them so I'll give them a try and I think I've got gauntlets in my vault to infuse and get their level right up.


Before now I was almost always playing a striker so Insormountable Skullfort was my go-to exotic armour.


Synthoceps are generally regarded as boss-melters, especially for raids. +50% super damage to your hammers is hard to argue with. Add that to the fact that they're pretty decent for PvP as well...


I was rocking Armamentarium before, but the cooldown on grenades still seems too long for my liking. I'm hoping they shake things up a bit for Year 2, exotic-wise.

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Aye. My summary of the vidoc:

  • ‘Different tone’. ‘Darker place’.
  • A lot of it has that messy Prison of Elders vibe I never really cared for aesthetically. Junk yards, no.
  • New weapon system allows all kinds of shenanigans, inc the traditional D1 three-slot or, say, three shotties. Great!
  • Random rolls. Great!
  • New mod system. Potentially great!
  • New supers. Ok. But stop making the Warlock the fast/twitch movement class, ok?
  • Bows! Many bows. Much Warframe.
  • New PvP mode is a hybrid of PvP and PvE and looks interesting.
  • Raid has ‘more bosses than any raid before’, and is a completely new area, The Dreaming City, the Awoken’s homeland. Lots of secrets that evolve over time.
  • Collections in game show all collectible items, indicate what you have and what you’re missing.
  • Record book - ‘Triumphs’ - rewards completed activities and collected items with cosmetic rewards.
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I really don't know what is wrong with Bungie. Get a massive collective 'fuck you' from the players over the EV bullshit, and so relent and try to make positive changes. Then they decide to spoil all the expansion goodwill by announcing you'll have to pay for season rubbish; and EV will still be milking away.



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Expansion looks good but the Annual Pass has “we can’t make content quick enough but still want you to pay up” written all over it. A bunch of new gear but no new areas or story to explore is not going to cut it over the course of the year once the Forsaken content has been rinsed. It’s essentially a flat fee for Eververse shit isn’t it.

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Summary of all the chat after the vidoc (which is basically just expanding a bit on the vidoc):


They say they had two goals: to introduce a new story with a darker tone, and to bring depth back to the game.


The raid, and the story, and the new environments, tie together closely. Gee, sounds a bit like what they used to do with, say, Taken King back in the day.


Gambit is the new PvP/E mode. Obviously influenced by MOBAs, it involves AI and environmental/resource play as well as direct PvP combat. It’ll be playable at E3, and the same pre-launch build will also be playable at GuardianCon.


They’ve devised an annual pass. Includes ‘three premium content releases’: Black Armory, Winter 2018, Jokers Wild, Spring 2019, and Penumbra, Summer 2019. We’re told these are different from the usual DLC pre-order, because ‘they give you more of what you want more often’ and include new endgame challenges, new gear, new activities, new triumph records, and new lore. Sounds pretty similar to me, except with three releases instead of two. ‘We’re leaning harder into the things that keep you in the game,’ says Deej, ‘not leaning so much into cutscenes or cinematics.’ Aha. So no actual DLC ‘expansions’ in terms of wholly new stories or places (or even raids) I guess. Just adding to the main annual release with extra stuff, and largely ditching ‘cinematic cutscenes’. Seems we can’t have both lore and cutscenes and collections, we can only have one thing or the other - maybe Taken King et al, which did have all these things, were just a series of fever dreams. Or… despite their expansion, a lot of Bungie are working on their new IP,  who knows?


There’s a new roadmap. More detail for this summer: Solstice of Heroes seasonal event, 6v6 quickplay, permanent Rumble playlist, Bounties, Prestiges, PC clan text chat, year 1 Triumphs, more exotic armour changes.


The roadmap for Sept 4:

  • Gear collections
  • In-game Triumphs
  • Weapon slot changes
  • Weapon randomisation
  • Mod system update
  • Bulk shader deletion
  • New Crucible mode
  • 4 new Crucible maps
  • 200 additional vault slots
  • In-game lore
  • New bounties
  • Power matters in Iron Banner and Trials

Oh, I dunno. I like that they might be adding back in some more depth and customisation, and hopefully power, and thematic coherence, and lore. Maybe. We’ll see. I don’t like the idea that they can’t do this and keep completely new stories per DLC, characters, cutscenes etc. That you may end up paying more than you did for D1 per year, for less - raid lairs, for example, I’m not a great fan of. But maybe if they’re not Runaround with Mike Calus, that’ll help. And no talk of Eververse at all. You can bulk delete shaders! But it’s the same shitty shader system. Hmm. Hmmmm.


It all makes me feel very uneasy.

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Shaders were there in the collections tab, so maybe once unlocked (by getting one lot of shaders maybe) they're always there for you to get more of? Who knows.


It all looked so good. But then Deej opened his mouth and ruined it.


So pretty much par for the course for almost every Bungie stream I guess.



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It was fine to begin with.  The vidoc was good "HERE'S SOME NEW SHIT".  They then announce a season pass for a DLC they just announced.  How tone deaf do you have to be?  They then spend most of the stream talking about stuff that was in D1 at some point (truimphs looks like the TTK quest page, most of the roadmap turning the game into D1 but keeping the shader system).  Plus Deej was evasive to the point you can pretty much guarantee there is no cutscenes and maybe no missions in the season pass DLC.  Didn't talk much about the weapon slot changes when people at E3 will be all over that shit.


Plus a High Moon dev was on the vidoc so they aren't even doing this all themselves.  I mean I'm still in as I enjoy playing the game, but fucking hell Bungie.

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I watched the flashy video, then skipped through the deejgasm as briefly as possible. I'm definitely feeling some anticipation for it.


Gambit looked like PvP I might actually enjoy, I like the idea of flexible weapon slots, and an endgame area that evolves over time is interesting (if worrying, if I get left behind.)


I'm back in. I haven't handed any money over yet, though.

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1 hour ago, Scruff said:

$70 for the expansion and 'annual pass'.


Yeah, not a chance.

The audacity to be so confident in your scientifically proven disappointment to charge that amount of money for unknown content boggles my mind. 

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This annual pass is hopefully replacing the Eververse focus, which is what the community wanted, although maybe not like this.


They really need to get a handle on the whole "content" thing, despite all the moaning about Osiris and Warmind not fixing the issues, they were larger mid-year expansions than they'd managed in the past, and with previous expansions like the Taken King originally planning to include three new zones before two got cut late in development, I figured they'd actually be able to deliver on larger annual expansions this time. But no, we're still on one location, and now with no mid-year expansions.


Call me cynical, but I'm betting we'll hear those mid-year expansions were planned but cancelled, partly due to the response to the two so far, and partly because Activision don't expect to turn this around and have cut their losses.

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Yeah I think I’m out. It’s just another way for them to charge people to keep playing Destiny, only from the sounds of it there won’t even be new places to explore. Still no sign of a new race, or any new story stuff. You know that they’ll lock you out of stuff from year one if you don’t pay but if you do what do you get? Something that’s maybe as good as D1 with less places to explore, less raids, less missions etc.


Remember when Eververse was going to pay for smaller content expansions? Now you pay for the expansion, and half the new stuff is in Eververse. And there’s a season pass for the DLC. They can fuck off.

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  • Gorf King changed the title to Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary events start 7 December - dungeon, 6-player activity, Gjallarhorn quest etc.

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