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Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary events start 7 December - dungeon, 6-player activity, Gjallarhorn quest etc.

Gorf King

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Destiny 1 was a bit of a ‘work in progress’ as well. Perhaps not to the scale of the sequel but like any mmo type game it was certainly tweaked over its lifespan. 


I’ve a crazy amount of exotics and legendary armour / weapons. I liked the Curse of Osiris DLC and the new milestones it and The Dawning have added. I have no issue with the frequency of drops of bright engrams, sometimes getting several per play session. No, it’s all still not as captivating as the original and it took me months to accept that it’s been designed to be played less but nonetheless I still find myself dabbling here and there. I can’t see that changing either as I’ve not managed to get a single masterwork weapon yet.

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8 hours ago, Black Cat Supremacist said:

Destiny 1 was a bit of a ‘work in progress’ as well. Perhaps not to the scale of the sequel but like any mmo type game it was certainly tweaked over its lifespan. 



Yeah but by the end of that ‘work in progress’ we’d probably the best game I ever played. 


That should’ve been their starting point, instead they’ve stripped out all that progress and have left something much more shallow that the base D1 (I’d say there’s more single player content in D2 but less reason to come back)


I wasn’t bothered by Eververse a the start but it’s become obvious that it’s a really cynical move. Then there’s the ‘balancing’, the crazy change to the weapons system with two primaries, the comatization of crucible, the pointlessness of repeating the ‘it’s a knockout’ raid, the tokenisation of events, the separation of strikes from the main game, the lack of being able to go back a replay a mission, the destruction of the lore,....


I couldn’t get 6 people together to play the new raid content. That would never of happened at any point during D1 and especially not when DLC had just been released. 


I’m kinda with Gorf, burn it all to the ground, pretend it never happened and bring back the post TTK RPG FPS we all loved. Or just go back to making a straight FPS. 


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16 hours ago, mechamonkey said:

Well how dare I enjoy the game instead of joining in the internet hate bandwagon.
You do realise there are are many activities which give dawning rewards? you literally don't have to spend a penny, it's not tied to a DLC either, there are NO monetary costs.
I get that earning rewards from activities directly is far more rewarding than getting them from the lottery Eververse, I know, I've been playing since D1 Beta and have also done everything the series has on offer (well apart from Trials or killed Calus on prestige) I'm, just saying that I am still playing, and I AM earning those rewards at a pretty satisfactory rate and contrary to the popular opinion actually still enjoying myself.
What do people realistically want? an infinite grind? never ending free content? a life replacing career in Destiny?
If you want random rolls go play Borderlands a bit you'll soon remember how shit random perks are.
It's already been confirmed that all this is set to change anyway ghosts/ships/raid perks on gear etc the game is a bit broke right now but ffs come on it's still fun to play and will get better.


Hi, I'm designated dog gauntlet runner from Team Positivity Club (ie the PC lot).  I like long walks on Io, grenade launchers and Cialis.  I'll start by saying the PC lot are still having a tremendous amount of fun with it.  Been having a few cracks at the raid lair, got the raid down pretty much and we even go into crucible to get carried.  It's a fun game, a fun game I am still having fun with.


However, everyone is right with all the bullshit they are calling out.  When 50% or so of the new items in the DLC are locked behind the Eververse, that's bullshit.  It also gives you less things to try and aim at.  Sure the verses are nice (even if the guns seem to vary between ok and awful) and the masterworks are a nice addition, something to actually grind for.  But the entire game has been adjusted to make Eververse more palatable.  The entire token system for example.  Yes we can buy pieces now, only after Bungie was put under duress.  Now doesn't this random rolling for items remind you of something?  Say loot boxes?  Oh wait.


Now as for the Dawning, here is the sum total of what you can earn free.


1 freebie

1 from Heroic Strikes

1 from Mayhem


That's it.  Account wide.  Might be able to do some of them again if they reset but otherwise that's all you get.  Three loot boxesengrams.  Better hope you get real lucky if you aren't spending that dollar. Once again it's bullshit.  As has been pointed out elsewhere, other games during seasonal events make all the boxes/engrams have seasonal rewards.  Hell I play a F2P MOBA called Paragon.  It is currently having a winter event with skins and such.  If you play a certain number of games each week, you a guaranteed all the skins.  No RNG bollocks, you just get them all.  In a free to play game.  Destiny as of right now costs say £60 for the full experience with the DLC, and you get guaranteed nothing.  It's bullshit.  It's bollocks.  It's total fucking bollocks coming of TK/RoI which were somehow more full featured than the  full price sequel.


It is still a lot of fun, despite all that.  I'm still playing it, I'll still be playing the next DLC and I'll probably be getting the Taken King equivalent when it comes out as the game is fun at the core.  Don't tell me it's a chocolate cake with lush buttercream icing when the cake is replaced by meatloaf or something.  You can enjoy the icing, but for god's sake let people call the cake shit.

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I still come in this thread @mechamonkey with the slim hope that they either said the game is offline and Destiny is back or by some miracle they made the game good - the core shooting is great it’s just there is nothing to do in the game, I hit it hard and racked up 140 odd hours early on and the game was done - nothing to do, all exotics got and no point doing a mediocre Raid :(


My biggest frustration with the game is Black spindle, one of the greatest quests in any game - how do you have that and see the reaction and not put anything in the sequel of that nature.


The quests in the DLC are worse than the original grind for materials in vanilla Destiny - it’s unforgivable and beyond lazy.


The nail in the coffin is the cheating and lying from Bungie with eververse - it’s poor that half the content is behind a push to pay mechanic but to then deliberately hold back progression esp if you use paid for XP boosts is beyond what EA are rightfully getting slaughtered for.


I find it baffling that Destiny players like Destiny 2 as there is so little reason to play, so little customisation in subclasses and no variety in the weapons but if people like it then that’s fine but I fail to see past eververse bullshit and don’t understand anyone that tries to defend it.


Anyhoo, Merry Christmas Mukkers - I do miss the #bants if the Destiny thread and all the players from here I used to play with and that’s why I’m a lurker/whinger in this thread as I want it back!

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Finally, someone has leaked MotS.  Essentially the Destiny soundtrack for the entire lifetime of the game and never release by Bungie as they fell out with one of the three composers.  Some dude called Marty, apparently he did some Halo shit.  You know, as not releasing something composed in part by Paul McCartney is a wonderful idea.


i like how reddit is taking it to be a gigantic fuck you to Bungie for all the terrible stuff recently.  Marty himself has confirmed it as legit via Schreier on Kotaku.  I’ve listened to a bit.  It’s as glorious as you would expect.

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Email from Marty to Jason Schreier:


I’m quite relieved and happy. This was the way it was supposed to have been heard 5 years ago.

My wife and I spent the afternoon with my now 93 year old father and we showed him that people were finally able to hear this work. It made our Christmas even better. My mother, his wife of over 60 years died a couple years ago and although she loved listening and shared it with some of her friends (she was a musician) she never understood why it wasn’t released.

I don’t know who actually did it but they have my blessing. I honestly don’t know how anyone could begrudge this any longer.



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Eurogamer did a piece about that user a while ago when he did his own attempt at putting together MotS. Well worth a read. 





The whole MotS thing (and all the other stories about the first game’s development) always left a bad taste in my mouth. 

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Read the Eurogamer piece I posted.


Long story short, the guy who wrote that post is a 17 year old with high functioning autism and Tourette’s who hasn’t been able to go to school because of it. He’s an amateur composer whose main influence is Marty and whose entire social life revolves around D1 and trying to piece together MotS. He cites working on this as his reason for getting up in the morning on some days. 


Now someone has leaked the real thing via him. 



In that context, that cringey reddit post makes a lot more sense. 

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I'm annoyed because my morning ritual of getting up and having breakfast whilst catching up on the last few pages of the d1 thread (and reddit)  where funny stories were swapped, loot hauls (and rolls!) were celebrated and we all speculated on secrets is now barely two or three posts...I was up to date before the first bite of toast! 

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59 minutes ago, Hexx said:

No mention of liar/raid activity?


Comes under new cooperative activity I assume.


There's a space on leviathan for the next raid lair so unlikely it won't be there.


Perhaps more interestingly the leaked date for expansion 2 looks to be March to tie in with season 3.


Which given CoO has been somewhat brief is great and all but are they really going to try and go from March to September without another content drop?

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At this point, someone on behalf of Stanley Kubrick should really start suing game developers who use personality-driven AI. To add insult to injury for the estate of the renowned filmmaker, they even have levels in games, just like they do in the Overlook Hotel. The worst thing about it is, some of those games even came out before the film. Kind of adds insult to injury when you rip off a totally original title like that and get away with it simply because it's a common cultural convention and predates any of the above.

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these  exotic ornaments should not be locked behind eversee. whoever greenlit this decision does not play destiny or does not understand what is good about the game they are making. or they don't care. not sure which is worse. 


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  • Gorf King changed the title to Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary events start 7 December - dungeon, 6-player activity, Gjallarhorn quest etc.

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