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Destiny 2: 1337 Häkkes

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10 minutes ago, Hexx said:

Sure lot of it is just in my mind but that felt nice. Smooth and quicker (even from the basic PS5 upgrade) and the rumble felt better too.


Not earth shattering, but very nice

Ive not been able to play it on series x as it feels so shite compared to all the other 69fps games I play and have been trying out again, can’t wait to give this a spin again albeit this should have been 60fps years ago.....

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Trying this on PS5 it still feels slower than PC (where I'm also limited to 60hz on the same screen and using the same PS5 controller). I've set the controller sensitivity to max but turning still seems slower - although with only one account I can't try them side by side.

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28 minutes ago, metallicfrodo said:

Must admit I can’t really tell the difference with 60fps, however FOV of 105 is a real game changer. Always felt Destiny 2 felt a bit like playing with blinkers  on.

It’s something that you get used to then forget is there unless you switch back.

But I can’t forget the slideshow that was the opening to Europa without it.

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5 hours ago, pinholestar said:

Can’t wait to finally play it at 60fps and with a FOV slider. PC players chuckling into their ‘rigs’ no doubt but I’ve been anticipating this update more than the actual expansion itself I think.


I'm a PC player but my setup's not exactly cutting edge; however, I started out on a regular PS4 so I totally know how nice the improvements feel. I'm not a massive framerate obsessive but I could instantly notice the difference when playing at 60. I kind of agree with @carlospie about the "weird" feeling - your mind makes subconscious associations with certain games and how they "should feel" :D - but once you've acclimatised to the new (better) experience, it's hard to go back.

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10 hours ago, anders limpar said:

Had a quick go before the next gen patch landed and it was genuinely appalling. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to new tech - how did I ever live with 30FPS?


This is why I believe we won't see much 30fps games anymore. By giving us 120fps (which is hard to achieve with high fidelity), 60fps effectively became the new middleground and optimization hotspot. Of course there will be 30fps games, especially when Ray Tracing is turned on but I don't think we'll end up with 80% 30fps as in last generations.

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Is there any benefit in doing the cross save thing to get my old Destiny 1 guardian on series X and using it if I'm starting Destiny 2 from scratch?


Edit: Ignore me, decided to create a new character and try a Warlock, as I've only ever played as a Hunter.

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