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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Lothar Hex

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  • 2 months later...

This looks like a buy for me. Loved Air Combat on the PS1, think I hired it from Blockbuster and played it until I completed it, at about 7 in the morning after a late night game bender. How absolutely staggeringly realistic this looks compared to that is mind blowing. I'm starting to believe the simulation hypothesis watching shit like this. 


PS12: realtime Ai filled fighters. 1000 Terra Flop Giant Wing. Crazy Japanese storytelling.

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  • 9 months later...

Ahhhh, so it WAS shown at E3!


Yay. No sign of any of the naff gameplay contrivances they introduced after AC:Zero, so I'm all in.


Still expecting horrific levels of paid content/loot boxes, since thats what Namco do these days, but if the game has that classic feel I'll put up with it.

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Hope it's a proper AC game this time, that recent one they did with the almost on rails controls was dogshit. Absolutely rinsed AC04 back in the day, still have fond memories of tearing around in a X-02 and firing off QAAMs all over the place. I even liked the strange, melancholy story with its interesting POV.

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  • 5 months later...

Pre-orders are up for a normal edition and a deluxe edition, the differnce between the two appears to be season pass access to 6 further add-on packs.


I'm massively confused by regional differences though.


The Japanese store is by far the most expensive, but the pre-order benefits go on about a music player option with the season pass that is not mentioned in any other region. A port of AC5: The Unsung War is apparently given as a pre-order benefit!? This download will most likely not have an english language option.


The US store is next most expensive, and also lists "ACE COMBAT 5 The Unsung War" as a pre-order bonus. No talk about music player mode.


The UK store is second cheapest of my four options. The bonus game is listed as "Ace Combat Squadron Leader". Was that the UK title of AC5? If not, what the hell? Is the UK getting stiffed here?


The cheapest option is the Indonesian store, but it also has that 'Squadron Leader' thing going on.


I have two PS4s at home so can only have one as a primary machine; that means I favour buying things on my main account (Japanese) so I can also use dynamic themes and avatars etc but in this case that seems like a crappy deal. 

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Well that's something. The title change bugs me though, I knew it as The Unsung War (imported the US ver.). If it's going to be showing up on my trophy records I'd want it to still be called that.


I see there is also a collectors edition but you would be trading in the digital port of AC5 for a physical model aeroplane. A new Hori Flight Stick coming as well, gahhh I better stop buying xmas presents for people and save my money :/

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As long as existing flightsticks are compatible, I'm doubly in. What was that release date, again?


According to Wiki, Jan 2019. Sooooooo close, yet, sooooooo far away. Still.



it will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in January 2019,


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  • 1 month later...

11 days....

I’m thinking about pre ordering it. You get Ace ‘combat 5 via ps2 emulation on PS4 when you pre order.

The Vr is only 3 missions though and no helicopters??

Still , I don’t own anything like this, it looks rad. Probably the closest thing i’ll Get to DCS on a console.

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If AC5 were an instant unlock I would have broken by now and bought AC7, so I guess I should thank Bamco for helping me exert some degree of self-control. Once the reviews are out, though, assuming it doesn't sound like an absolute turkey I'll be merrily getting the lot!

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