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Sega have put a load of soundtracks on Spotify


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I'd resisted re-downloading Spotify on the new computer because it just isn't an overall good music client (neither is iTunes these days) due to it's singular thinking of just being about streaming and nothing else.


This certainly tempts me back though.

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16 hours ago, Vimster said:

Found out about this over the weekend. Sorry, lads, I tried but my girlfriend thought Passing Breeze was "alright, I suppose". Seriously, some people.


Thats because it isn't Magical Sound Shower.

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  • 3 years later...

The Shenmue soundtrack is rich and varied, really nice to listen to - so why on earth is the game itself completely dominated by that awful 'drudging round the Hazuki house' dirge for 90% of the time?!  The actual playing of Shenmue doesn't really give the player the opportunity to enjoy the hard work that no doubt went into making it; it's just Hazuki residence > Tomato Mart > check your notes and get a small snip of the  main theme > rinse and repeat.  Quite frustrating that most pieces are tucked away during cut scenes that you only experience once for about a minute and a half.


Anyway, I saw that a lot more have recently gone up, including the frankly delicious Panzer Dragoon Saga soundtrack - a great and fulsome compliment to the excellent  remaster that was uploaded a while back.  Stick it on your home office radio for some great Saturn nostalgia.


Still waiting for Sonic 3...

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