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Formula One - 2017 Season


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36 minutes ago, marsh said:

Just me or did you think the cheating German was looking to roll that car into someone while he ambled along the track backwards? I thought he was looking to get that race red flagged before even he figured it probably wasn't a wise move.


Just you then. 

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23 hours ago, wev said:

Guy Martin joining Williams' pit crew at Spa is on Channel 4 right now


Actually saw some stuff I hadn't noticed in pit stops before - the two men "bracing" the car to keep it level, particularly.


Ironic too that


They ended up doing a "stack" stop for the two cars, the most stressful it can get for a pit crew. That slow first stop was definitely the strategist's fault though, switching what he wanted less than 30 seconds before the stop.


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On 9/18/2017 at 09:33, marsh said:

I think he was too close to the racing line, he could quite easily have been closer to the wall.


But yeah, just me then...


"Quite easily" at 50mph+ going backwards with cars and debris everywhere, no rear visibility, negative downforce, fluid pouring under the tyres and possibly wheel/tyre/suspension damage? :)

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The commentators do keep banging bom about how they're the best drivers in the world! :P


Although seriously, head on collisions are supposedly the one sort of crash they're not designed for - anything else you'll almost definitely walk away from, one of those has a high risk of getting a front wing in the face at 150mph - so he was probably very reluctant to try moving from that straight line parallel to the wall!

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