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The Mick - tv comedy on Fox starring Kaitlin Olson


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After hearing some good things about this, I got hold of the first 4 episodes and yeah, it's actually pretty great imo.


The basic premise is that Mickey (Olson) is a grifter and waster who blows through life one swindle at a time. She goes to her wealthier sister's annual BBQ, at which point the sister and her husband are arrested for tax evasion leaving Mickey as the guardian of her niece and nephews. It's pretty basic and tame (especially by Olson's Always Sunny antics) but it's good humoured, well written and well acted. Jimmy and Alba are great supporting characters and the kids obnoxiousness means that Mickey comes across in the way the show intends; incompetent as a role model but a good guardian to 3 entitled brats who are used to getting their way, no matter what it costs.

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