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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Wave 4 Tracks: March 9th


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1 minute ago, ashmatuk said:

The rumour wasn't very believable in the first place.


Why?  Surely it doesn't take too long to cook up some extra tracks and characters for a game which has already been completed and released. 

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I think they know that they need to have a mariokart announced even if it is 8.1 vs MK9. 


This is the sort of thing that tips me from not interested to maybe. 


Though i really should finish off the stack I have for my Wii U first. 

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I don't quite understand then what the mario kart team have been doing. They worked on MK8 straight after MK7.. if the switch was to replace the 3DS then i am sure they would have started work on MK9 or whatever by now. What are these other teams doing?

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1 minute ago, ashmatuk said:


16 new tracks is practically a new game.



Nonsense.  The original game shipped with 32 tracks, followed by another 16 as DLC at a cost of £16.  16 further tracks is not in anyway similar to creating what would be Mario Kart 9. 

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6 minutes ago, sir shrew said:

The rumour was:


16 new tracks

8 new characters

New Battle mode

New weapons


The video confirms


2-3 new tracks

1 new character

Potential new Battle mode

New 'Boo' weapon


So if it's not a launch day title, why not cook this for a bit longer and call it Mario Kart Switch so parents don't just think it's the same game they already bought 3 years ago (Like they can really tell the difference?)


The name implies that a Mario Kart Switch may also be on the way later - but as the hardware is basically a Wii U, what could a new iteration of MK possibly bring to the table that couldn't have been added to the MK8 revision? 


It just seems like a weird decision, but maybe there'll be a Direct in April revealing a host of new additions. Maybe this is the Switches MarioKart, but if so why not name it as such?


There are multiple new characters. King Boo, Dry Bones, Bowser Jr. and the two Inklings. I'll be getting it for Battle Mode alone, which looks like the Battle Mode I loved on the SNES and N64.


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Choice is nice but I think there were already too many characters, what I loved about the original was there were the 8 characters to pick and all were reasonably distinct (even in their similar pairs). Now there's that much plus all the kart modifications pretty much any of them could be any type of racer, while adding flexibility with regards to cosmetics it loses a bit of what it once had as a result. 


Overall I barely see the point of this, the one thing it (and it being the Mario Kart series in general) would have to have to really wow me is some sort of single player mode akin to other kart games with more meat to it than the incredibly simple cup options on offer.

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It's worth noting because it hasn't been made that clear, there are no new race tracks in this, only battle tracks. It's a shame because I'd like to have got it, but having played the Wii U version to death I can't justify spending 50 quid for battle mode. I suppose this is more for people who didn't have a Wii U, then it's an amazingly good value package. 

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Really disappointed with the lack of new tracks.


I'll still be getting it obviously and I can sort of see why Nintendo have chosen to just whack this out for (almost) Switch launch and have the team concentrate on making Mario Kart 9 Nintendo Allstars, but it is disappointing.




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