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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - DLC Wave 3 Out December 7th.


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2 minutes ago, ZOK said:

I really like Waluigi Pinball!

I just don't think there's much to it, the launch bit is nothing, there's some not bad hairpins for some drifting and then you can basically drive straight through the middle of the bit with the balls every lap and then you're done.


There's a lot more novelty stuff that you could do with a track on a pinball machine I reckon. 


But fair play of course, don't want to yuck anyone's yum. 

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Pretty happy with wave 2. Decent variety of tracks and it's nice that they "fixed" the mall level too.


Some of the tracks seem to have parts of the remix tracks from tour as well which at least makes some of the tracks more interesting. 


I hear that the rubber banding has been changed for the GP though? A lot more difficult apparently.

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Just now, ZOK said:

I find the use of this phrase far more egregious! Why is it suddenly in fashion?

I dunno, I find it quite an an innocuous way of saying each to their own, or different strokes for different folks. Or more specifically, not wanting to kink shame someone. 


It's better than just saying "no, you're wrong and I'm right" which is the go to method on the Internet.

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I do like yoshis turnpike or whatever it's actually called in this new lot as well. I've played a hell of a lot of that one from it's first iteration and I love the drift boosting round the corners and in between the traffic. 


I admittedly used to hate it when it was "new" at the time but because I ended up playing it loads to get better at it, I totally smashed the Nintendo ghost on the time trials first time on this version 😁


For further context, I think that's the only ghost from the first 12 or so tracks I managed to beat with one or two attempts on each. Even the other ones I know very well like the mall or the cloud one from the DS. 

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Is my memory playing tricks, or is the bit in the tunnel of Kalamari Desert 'new'? I feel like I can vaguely remember it was possible to enter the tunnel but not enforced. The NintendoLife review has confused me a bit because it refers to that track specifically as one that 'doesn't deviate from the original design'. 


Quite like that in Sky High Sundae because it's all anti-grav you're better off bashing into the railings and other racers as often as possible for the boost! 

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