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Shooter. Not the Marky Mark film.


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Anyone else been watching the series version of Marky Mark's film, Shooter on Netflix?


It's about eight episodes down so far and it isn't bad. Ryan Phillipe is playing the Marky Mark role of the awesomely named Bob-Lee Swagger and certainly worth a look if you enjoyed the original film.

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I watch this too, it's not bad.

Been renewed for a second season I do believe.

Great to see William Fichtner in it.


I don't understand why he doesn't shave off his beard though. Surely that'd be a better disguise than just a baseball cap.

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I'm enjoying it but I can see why Douche says it is padded out. The latest episode was so obvious that it got rather annoying.


It was obvious from Ep 6 they would kidnap the wife and kid to try and lure him into a big shoot out at the end of the season


In saying that I did like the added twist of all the spy stuff.

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