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Jet Li: Rise to Honor


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Guest shinythings
"So bad it's good" cannot be applied to games, I feel. A game is usually bad because it doesn't play well. Bad controls, camera, physics whatever make it impossible to enjoy playing.

I thought that's what retro gaming was all about?


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Well by good I actually meant "good", but even then I was probably wrong. But like 'Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing' I'd like to give it a spin to see if it's as bad as it looks. Plus I'm a sucker for collapsable scenery; I like True Crime's fighting bits for the same reason. ;)

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Enter the Terminator's Angels 2: Rise to Honor you mean? ;)

Edit - hang on, that sounds like a dodgy porn Movie!  :(

Stop doing these, you're very good at them.

If i'm good at them, then why should I stop? or was that 'not very good' at them?

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