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Nocturnal Animals

Mr Hatfield

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if there is a thread for this already, then unsurprisingly I can't find it because either I still don't know how to use the search properly, or the search is fucking shit. Likely the latter


having watched the above ^ last night, I thought it was very good. Gripping, dramatic, raw, transmutory. Likely early Oscar bait but goodness me the quality was evident. That ending though


it gets a Hatfield 8/10


anyone else seen it? Or who is willing to post the link to the thread that already exists, directly below this statement



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I really enjoy this, I liked the back and forth between the real world and the novel and thought it was all excellently and stylishly shot. The novel story could have probably been a film in its own rights, but it really didn't need it. This took you into that world and let you see exactly enough to be invested in Tonys story. 


Gyllenhaal and Shannon were both fantastic but it was well acted overall by all the main cast.

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5 hours ago, hub2 said:

I'm a huge fan of Tom Ford. I loved this film and A Single Man. Quite irritating that someone can be so successful across disciplines. ;)


Agree 100% on all those points.


10 hours ago, Sabreman said:

Wow, what a thoroughly mean film. I loved it. Half did what I expected and half curveballed me. Everyone in it is magnificent, and I hadn't really paid much attention to Amy Adams before, but this and Arrival have totally converted me.


She's quite brilliant when given the right role

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37 minutes ago, Mentazm said:

I thought this was great. Very woozy and dreamlike. Ford owes a massive debt to Lynch.

That's an interesting observation, never thought of the link before but you're right. Ford's films basically look like Lynch directing a perfume ad. The irony!

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I just saw this and 


  1. The tension in those early scenes was a physical presence in the room bearing down on me.
  2. I did not recognize Aaron Taylor-Johnson,  phenomenal achievement considering that I love Kick Ass.
  3. The acting throughout was exceptional and Michael Shannon still managed to tower above the rest.
  4. My wife kept interrupting to tell me it was rubbish so I am taking her out to the desert tomorrow night.

I haven't seen A Single Man so that is next.

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I saw this tonight for the first time. Just to echo that it's brilliant and horrible in equal measure. Tony's frustration and guilt were palpable. Brutal stuff, for both the characters and the audience. I was actually expecting it to be a lot more strange and artsy than it actually was, especially after the opening sequence. It looks impeccable throughout, and the music was great too.

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5 hours ago, museman123 said:

Take shelter is a must of his if you haven't already seen it.

Sadly, I've only seen him in midnight clear and superman and one of those was fucking terrible. I thought all the main cast were largely exceptional in it, but Shannon stood out for some reason.

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2 hours ago, Mr Cochese said:

The ending of Take Shelter ruined it for me. I felt like the director pulled off a latex mask and it had been M. Night Shyamalon all along - and I mean, like, The Happening M. Night Shymalon.

An ending like that is always going to divide opinion. It absolutely sold it for me.

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