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Your Christmas Board Game Haul

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^^Sorry chap, it wouldn't let me delete that.  Merry Christmas,  anyway! 


What did Father Christmas bring all you bright young things? For my birthday yesterday I got:


Arkham Horror LCG 

Pandemic: The Cure 

Fighting Fantasy: Bloodbones


Today, so far,  I have:

Dungeons & Dragons starter set

Leia Organa (Imperial Assault) figure


... possibly more to come. Woo and, indeed, hoo! 

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Am totally new to board games, but having gotten in to tabletop* D&D this year, I asked Santa for a couple of solo board games. 


He brought me Mage Knight and Friday. :wub:


And I also got some more books for D&D. 


*Online rllmuk group via roll20!

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I did well this year - our little gaming group will be spoiled. 


Ghost stories

pandemic iberia

stone age

7 wonders duel

and a colt expresa delorian promo


oh and my daughter got patchwork so that'll be played a fair bit too. 

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Just :


Descent 2.0 expansion Lair of the wyrm


I did get myself Bloodborne and Talisman leading up to Christmas too! And Amazon flash sale today had a nice Chinese Checkers set so nabbed that, noticed Talisman expansion Frostmarch in stock so nabbed that too! 

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Just 7 Wonders for me. I've still got Diplomacy and Steampunk Rally not played from my birthday (in May), and we're only in February in Pandemic Legacy, so the last thing I need is more board games.


I did get a Goblin Guide for my Magic deck though. I'm hoping to have Modern Burn up and running before too long.

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I got Avalon after it was recommended on here. I guess my wife decided star wars supremacy and blood bowl and fury of Dracula and dominion etc were all too expensive (she claimed that she just couldn't find Japanese versions).


Was gonna try to play it with her family but having read the rules I wonder if they will be up for it...

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Got First Orchard for my three year old daughter. Start them young and all that. She picked it up immediately, and proceeded to teach her gran how to play too.




She's a total cheat though and wants the "cheeky crow" to win all the time :lol:

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8 hours ago, Tourist said:

Wait. They haven't changed the rules??


Well the rules have in ongoing development since 1996 (although the basics are identical), so it is different if you have literally never played it since then, but this is the first official box release in 20 years I believe.

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