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The Last of Us Part 2 - Now updated for PS5 for at 60fps


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On 28/09/2021 at 09:36, Vemsie said:

I think very few games nail the going on a journey aspect as well as this game. The sheer variety of locations is astounding. Of course you need a monstrous budget to do so, but yeah.

True, albeit it was a gruelling journey. One with moments of pathos, excitement, and unexpected beauty, but all sandwiched between fat slices of coal black nihilism that kept sticking in my throat. I’ve replayed the original three or four times over the years, but just the thought of coming back to TLOU2 makes me really uneasy. 

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Does this game ever end? I've just got through the



and about to head to the



. I'm sure that's going to be delightful. 😳


Jesus, it just gets grimmer and grimmer. I think it's on the one hand incredible but it really does feel too much at times. I think getting older and having kids has softened me up even more.


Hard bloody work but surely we're nearly there?!

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