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PSX 2016 - Saturday 6pm


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Conference time is Saturday 6pm

You can watch on your PS4 console or any of the links below








Playstation Website



I'm hoping for some new game announcements, some PS1 classics re-imagined would be awesome like Parrapa the Rapper.



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Yeah, I expect Wipeout VR at this event - I suspect it will be a collection of best tracks of sorts.


New Marvel Vs Capcom as heavily hinted aswell.


Hoping for plenty of VR announcements - a VR Mecha game would be nice.


First look at Crash remaster? Detroit release date? Whats happening with Wattam? Yakuza 6 announcement too much to hope for?

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Another PS4 (PS4 Pro+ maybe?) variation so all the same die-hard 'NEVER PC' crowd who piss and moan at the idea of having to upgrade a PC every few years (''my console will last me six years!'') can hypocritically rush out to buy one for another 500mhz of CPU power.


Something like that?

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6 hours ago, gospvg said:

Ni No Kuni 2 worldwide release date would be awesome


5 hours ago, Minion said:

Bloodborne 2???


5 hours ago, Cyhwuhx said:


Oh god yes! This last one is admittedly very unlikely though.


Apart from Yakuza 6, I would LOVE a new Tenchu. From plz.


Oh and since Sony is apparently all in on Marvel now with Spider-Man and MvC4, I would love a sequel to Hulk:Ultimate Destruction. Just imagine the destruction on current gen hardware!


Oh and Demon's Souls HD FFS I don't want to fire up the old PS3 in all its blurry sub-hd glory just to play that fantastic game.



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