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Hellhunter - top-down modern-day witcher-style ghost-busting


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I've just backed this on kickstarter after seeing the following gif


From the looks of the trailer it seems to involve a Witcher 3 style game loop of investigating clues to discover what type of creature you're hunting, and then picking the right weapon/strategy to get rid of it.


It looks unlikely that it'll meet its goal at this point, but I figured it was worth telling people about as it looks fucking superb!




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Yeah I rarely ever kickstart anymore. I thought I was safe in only backing big teams, but even those have failed to really deliver in my eyes (Broken age, Godus and Mighty No 9 come to mind).


It's definitely a risk, but to me this seems to be worth supporting if only in principle.

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He's shining his torch at the floor, looking in a different direction and then aiming his gun in a different direction again. Terrible hunting form.


Also, if you can just take out a ghost by sticking a cap in its ass, the the Ghostbusters were going to waaaay too much effort.

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