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Writers' Corner November - Trump

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  • 2 weeks later...

"You're going to think I'm crazy" Phil said as he placed his pint down on the counter next to the slender red-headed girl he'd been watching for the last half an hour.

"I am?" she replied, her voice a slightly twangy cockney. Phil hesitated, looking at her this close it was uncanny how much she resembled her.

"Yes," he paused, long enough for her to raise an eyebrow slightly, but not long enough for her to say anything."I had a dream last week, and it's been stuck looping in my head for all that time. Usually, you see I forget my dreams almost as soon as they happen; most of us do i guess." She gave a little smile, but her face was starting to suggest to Phil that she was already losing interest.

"This one, though is still as clear as day, and like I say, you're going to think I'm crazy." He licked his lips, mouth dry, heart pounding. He hadn't even intended to come out tonight. he wasn't due to go anywhere, but had prepared a night of pizza and Predator, one, two and S. And why the fuck not? He was single, had no ties, nothing to do, nobody to go see, he was his own man and had his own time. But Andy and Mia had been bugging him for a month to come out for a drink with them after work and for some reason, this time he said yes.

She had the beginnings of a frown on her face, Phil lifted his pint, took a sip -not letting his eyes leave hers, uncanny- and decided he just had to blurt it out.

"You see, this dream."

"Let me guess," she interrupted and held up a hand, "It was about Trump?"

Phil felt like a curve ball had hit him full in the side of his face. "What? Trump? N-n-n..." Oh great, he thought, now comes the stammer. 

"No?" she finished for him and smiled, the sweetest smile.

"No," he replied, and hastily had another sip of the pale ale he'd ordered, the one with the funny name. He didn't like it. "Not Trump no, no way, who cares about that?"

She laughed then and her face broke into the most wonderful grin. She put her drink down and stuck out a hand, he stared at it for a second too long, but then suddenly understood, he took it and shook it.

"Abbey" she said, still smiling as she held onto his hand.

"Phil," he replied in kind, smiling naturally himself now. 

"So?" she said, as she let go of his hand, he's sure he couldn't have let it go if she'd not. "What was your dream about?"

His smile drooped a little as he steeled himself for her reaction. This could go anywhere, Phil wasn't a player, he didn't regularly chase women; he got on with them just fine as friends and had had girlfriends in the past, but he wasn't a chat up merchant and he knew, he just knew that what he was about to say could be the cheesiest line ever. But it was true and he didn't know how else he could act on it, but to do it, say the truth let the chips fall and all that. He licked his lips again, slowly.

"It was about you."

Disbelief, reality check, eyes rolled, frown, eyes narrowed, smile returning. "Me?" with eyebrows fully raised.

He just nodded, staring into her eyes. She turned from him slightly and looked at her friends, they were all sat next to the fruit machine laughing and chatting. She knew she was in a safe place, her friends a yell away. And yet, the look on Phil's face had her slightly intrigued. Either this was a play of some odd variety; and god knows she'd had a few of those over the years, or he was being semi-serious and her interest was piqued.

"Go on then, you've five minutes before I go back and join my friends."

Phil took another sip, grimacing slightly at the bitterness. And then began.

"I was woken up by my alarm clock the other day, when I was just about to kiss... well kiss a girl who looked exactly like you. It was the single most realistic and memorable dream I've ever had. We'd been walking in the woods, in smart suits. You were carrying your shoes in one hand and holding my elbow in the other. The day was drawing to an end, the light was fading but the forest seemed to glow all around us. It was lovely. I don't know what we were talking about, but we were - fuck! i do remember, have just remembered." The look of astonishment that crossed his face then quite set her back. He was either a very talented actor or really believed what he was saying. "We were arguing, not nastily - in a jokey away. About... Star Trek."

"Ha!" she laughed, "I do like Star Trek."

"You see I don't, but I do like Star Wars."

"How can you like Star Wars,but not Star trek?" she laughed, he smiled. They both took a sip of their drinks. He looked at her with a long lingering and very pleasant stare, he was pretty handsome actually, she thought and then she felt herself redden slightly, so turned away again, took another sip and then said "and then what happened, in your dream?"

"We weren't in the woods anymore, we were in a house, but it wasn't ours it was friends of ours. It was much later and we were tired, somebody said that it was okay we didn't have to do it because we'd been to a wedding. We weren't wearing the same clothes, I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. You had on a black vest top and jogging bottoms. We were so pleased that we didn't have to do the thing (whatever it was) because we'd been to the wedding, that we smiled and slumped back onto the sofa together. I was so close to your face, I could see the dimples by your nose. And we cuddled and led down together, you lying on top of me, just snug. And..."

Phil paused and bit his lip, Abbey was watching him intently, curious to know why he was pausing.

"And what? Come on." She smiled and touched his hand gently, then turned from him again and rummaged in her bag for something.

"And" Phil made a motion with his head, nodding it from left to right, weighing up, knowing how this might sound. He turned away from her and glanced towards the door, it was raining, how could he say this without it sounding odd. He turned back, she was closing her bag.

"And?" she repeated, still smiling.

"And," he stuck his tongue out, his cheeks reddened and palms sweaty. "And, my hand was slipped slightly under your joggers, I could feel your knickers."

She frowned, Phil carried on quickly. "It wasn't sexy, so much as just comfortable, just felt completely natural to be resting my hand there, like you and I were so relaxed together. And then, you turned to me and smiled and leant in close for a kiss and... and... and my fucking alarm went off and I woke up!"

Abbey, broke into a smile.

"I wasn't going to come here tonight," Phil continued,"I so rarely go out with workmates, just don't do it, but for some reason I gave up my plans to come here. And I've only had one pint before this one and I saw you at the bar earlier and thought, that's her! That is the girl from my dream, that's really her. I watched you for a while, about half an hour because I couldn't just come up and talk to you about my dream... But..."

"I'm glad you did Phil." She held out her hand and put it over his where it rested on the bar. "But, I'm not sure I can let you slip your hand down my joggers just like that you know."

He felt a little crest-fallen until the intimation of her words filtered into his brain properly. 

"How about, you let me take you out for a meal? A date, we could get to know each other and then you can decide if..."

She smiled and raised both eyebrows.

"if-" Phil stammered again, 'If, you'd like to see me again, of course!"

"Nice to meet you Phil" she held out her hand and he grasped it in his. Then she turned away and slipped between two strangers waiting to be served. He watched her go back to her friends, sit and speak to one who looked his way, then turned back and smiled and laughed. There's that same melancholy feeling, he thought, just when you think something wonderful is happening, it slips through your fingers, like a dream... so real for a moment and then gone. He sighed and looked over to where Andy and Mia were still chatting away, oblivious to him - or at least the absence of him. Then he reached down for his pint and as he did noticed a small piece of lined paper underneath it. it was folded in half once, torn from a large pad. He picked it up and opened it. It said "Dream on!" then a mobile number. He looked up to see if she was looking at him, but she had gone and so had her friends.



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