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This is us - NBC show now on Channel 4

Vespa Alex

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9 hours ago, Broker said:


I watched the last season on Prime as it aired so it's interesting that it's moving to D+.


I'm excited, I love this show.

It's still on Prime

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  • 4 months later...

In fairness, I was worried it would just be relentlessly grim but they've managed to keep a balance.


The actress playing Beth Pearson never quite gets her due on this, but she's a badly needed presence of fact and humour on this show.

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We put off finishing this as it’s been so good, but finally did the last episode tonight. 
Some really lovely moments, especially with the second tier characters like Nicky and Deja, and I’m so glad it got to a proper conclusion at their own pace. 

Reading back my earlier posts, I’m going to have to look at what episodes they related to. 

@Illyria did you keep up?

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The weird thing about the final season is it lets go of an idea of 'now' which it kept during all other seasons.


I maintain this was a clever reference to Rebecca's illness.


My wife thinks they just had to wrap it up and subsequently had to timejump.


She's probably right.



Some of the actors got a little shortchanged, I feel,  particularly the actors playing Randall and Beth's kids. They got timejumped out. The characters got a payoff, but not the actors, really.


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