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Shudder - Horror streaming service

Max Damage

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I don't know if you folks are aware of Shudder but it has just launched in the UK. It is a streaming service just like Netflix but dedicated solely to the horror genre. I've been using the service for about a week now and love it, I just thought I would post this here as a heads-up to anyone who might be interested but not aware of it, you can sign up for a seven day trial, perfect for some halloween viewing at the very least.




How Shudder choose what they stream - http://www.denofgeek.com/uk/other/shudder/44558/shudder-colin-geddes-and-sam-zimmerman-interview

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I had a browse, and of the 225 films in the library. it seems to be 90% dreadful, low budget, schlock or old films. Surprising, since that interview kept going on about how they're all curated and quality films.


I'll definitely keep an eye on it, but unless the library improves massively, I can't see it being worth me subscribing to.

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They have a pretty decent selection of European horror and giallo - certainly compared to something like Netflix - but they're all sat on the shelf here next to me. You could certainly get a lot out of a seven day trial.


I was disappointed to discover they're using a shot of Sheila Keith from the brilliant Frightmare for their Unravelling Mind collection, but don't seem to carry the film itself.

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