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23 minutes ago, Bojangle said:

u wot m8? Sliding them off and on looked a piece of piss in the video.


Bad troll is bad.


I doubt you'll even have to if you don't want to.  My plan would be to buy the Pro controller and when it's plugged in the dock use that, and keep the screen with the joypad attachments on it whilst docked.  Then when you want to go take a shit or whatever and use the screen then just lift it up with the controller parts already attached.


Hell for all we know you could 4 pro controllers for multiplayer if you want, seems like it'll be pretty flexible with how you can use the controllers/variations.

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Very nice to see the screen and build look decent quality. I was hoping for something modern and slick. Loved the idea of the wii u pad but looked like Fisher Price had made it. 


Been here before  and always invested but sadly after the dust settles the dust really does settle on my Nintendo consoles. Love the games but they don't have the same pull for me anymore. 


Decent 3rd party support on par with Sony and Microsoft has to occur. Of course it's a day one purchase. 

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18 minutes ago, David Kenny said:

Good point. Maybe backwards compatible but for downloads only?


I'm going to take a wild guess that it involves Nintendo charging extortionate prices to buy games for the 10th time.

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11 minutes ago, RubberJohnny said:

Well it is using mobile chips, they're not going to beat console stuff in terms of power, and Nintendo always scrimp on battery power to save costs.


don't worry, Nintendo will release an extended rechargeable battery pack for the Switch... yours for itprintsmoney.gif

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12 minutes ago, Andy_Why said:

I just watched the trailer and not one of the situations it portrayed felt like something that would actually happen in real life.


Having said that, it does look pretty nice.


Andy! ANDY. I can see you playing Mario Andy from my rooftop party. *waves* Come over to our rooftop party Andy and continue playing your Nintendo Switch game. I mean, I doubt we can join in, but we can all at least watch you....WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT ANDY HOLY FUCK. 

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