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Red Dead Redemption 2 - Single Player, NO SPOILERS. HDR fix out now!

Mr Do 71

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Went into the left trigger menu looking at my new horse, bought from the valentine stables.

Prompt popped up saying “press Y to mount your horse” so I pressed Y, but I was still targeting the horse so instead I started to lead it.


“Press Y to stop leading”. 


Pressed B instead. 

Punched my horse in the head. 

Horse ran away. 

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I’m really annoyed. I’m in chapter five. 

Just got back from 




And done the next few missions. Went to get my horse, only it’s not my horse. Sure, it has the same name, it has all my stuff on it, it’s labelled as “Arthur’s horse”, but it’s the wrong sex, the wrong colour and the wrong goddamn breed! 

My beautiful girl, Whiskey, was a gorgeous Ardennes war horse in mottled grey, and is now a big balled brown Tennessee walker. 

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I've just made a start on this over the weekend, mainly just to push up to chapter 2 proper so I can explore the open world a bit, get basic mechanics unlocked and also see how it performs with all the snow out the way (I'd heard the snow gives a performance hit unrepresentative of the 'main' game, though tbh it seems pretty similar to me.)


Seems great, exactly what I'd expect of Rockstar game with slightly more matured elements from previous games, though this very much includes the fact that the controls and little hidden 'things' you can do are almost an entire game in their own right.  I genuinely feel like I need to set up a little notepad document as a cheat sheet. Don't get me wrong, the controls are actually quite cleverly categorised and contextualised, there's just a lot of to remember.

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On 26/01/2022 at 17:06, Doctor Shark said:

This game has ruined other open world games for me. They just can’t compare. 


After I finished RDR2 I decided to install Skyrim, which I've never played, and which I've seen people say is a beautiful game. It looked like ass in comparison.


That's not to knock Skyrim. It is a nice looking game and on held in very high regard, but it just couldn't compare visually or in the sense of being there that RDR2 had provided. I'll give it a go again when the memories have faded a bit.

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