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New PS4 Player Checking In


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I've been PC only this generation so haven't played any Destiny at all before lastly week. I'm now at Level 15/73 light and noticing that the story missions are getting more difficult to solo. I'm not sure what I should be doing beyond story missions and crucible so if anyone wants to hop in for more of those or raids/patrols/whatever I should be doing to level up and get up to speed then I'd be very thankful.

PSN ID is Crhistoph.

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Er, scrap that - I now have a level 40 / 343 light Hunter after I discovered the level up to 40 orb. 


I work 4 on 4 off night shifts so I can't be available for the nightly raiding going on but if I'm online I'd love to fill in for any missing folks. I've added most of the PSN players from the other thread already but if not hit me up. 


Also on those 4 off I should be online plenty during the day and I have all sorts of old strike/raid/challenge quests to fill in if you fancy helping out. 

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Thank you guys, but we've actually managed to fill out our roster with a bunch of real life friends and are working our way through the raids. We've just finished one this week and have Kings Fall and Wrath of the Machine left to go.  Awesome gaming. 

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