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Lumines Puzzle & Music

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Is anyone else playing this? It's pretty awesome!


After loving the original on the PSP, the Xbox Live Arcade Lumines Live! version and Lumines Electronic Symphony on the Vita, I was sceptical how this would work, but it turns out really well! It looks and sounds beautiful and the controls click easily.



Lumines-1-624x1109.jpg Lumines-2-624x1109.jpg



A nice review from touch arcade here: http://toucharcade.com/2016/09/01/lumines-puzzle-music-review-shinin-as-bright-as-it-can/




If you have bad memories of Touch Fusion, this will wash the taste of that game out of your mouth. This is the Lumines I suspect most of us have always wanted on our iOS devices. It's a little light on gameplay modes and I'm not sure I could ever get enough skins to be satisfied, but Puzzle & Music nails the core gameplay and the exceptional aesthetics of the beloved series, and I'm not sure if we can realistically ask for more than that.



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On 8 September 2016 at 15:20, MagicalDrop said:

Yes I'm playing it and loving it too. Touch controls work well but I'm sure I would hit more bonuses with proper controls. 


Any chance of a Vita version and downloadable soundtrack do you think?


I'd love another Vita edition but I can't see it happening really :( Still, having Lumines in my pocket at all times is pretty great!

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According to appshopper.com its price hasn't changed since its release in September. I would think that either means The Verge is confused or it's due to be reduced and hasn't happened yet. Apps often get reduced around Thanksgiving, so it might be worth looking then.

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