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Super Mario Run

Mr Do 71

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If they price similar to 3DS NSMB, they can get the core millions of Nintendo fans and still make similar money even with the AppStore cut (3DS NSMB 2 sold 10 million). And Apple has been trying to counter the shift of the AppStore towards F2P by giving paid software more marketing and focus, they want a healthy market that developers can sell into, and I think having Nintendo onstage is a part of that strategy.


If they try with $5, they're getting less from the core, and only 2.2% of people tend to pay anything in Apps, so even if it hits hundreds of millions of installs, they probably make less. And I can't see Nintendo settling for their business making a lot less money in the future through lower prices and no hardware sales, y'know?

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13 minutes ago, Super Craig said:

I thought it was said on stage as well.


I suspect it was, but I didn't bother watching that. :P


As for the pricing: it's a bit tricky as they wouldn't want to price it too high to put people off that are used to pay a maximum of a few dollars for an app. But they also wouldn't want to price it too low and cheapen the value of their games as it could (theoretically) make their console/handheld games look expensive in comparison. Maybe.


As a comparison, Rayman Jungle Run is £2.29 for the base game and £1.49 to unlock all the levels. I think you can unlock all the levels by playing through (and collecting things) anyway, but I can't remember. Rayman Fiesta Run is also £2.29, but shat on the previous pricing model and added a load of in-app purchases. 

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3 hours ago, gizmo1990 said:

Still will headline banner featuring in some territories. For a pre-release no less! That is some major back scratching.


It's about the most basic thing to ask for during app store negotiation.


"We'll release Mario on the iPhone if you'll promote it pre release and out now".


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How many game developers can anybody name that have been given precious air time at an Apple Press conference in recent years?


Considering they are giving Apple an exclusivity window and were willing to fly over and wheel out multiple veteran Nintendo developers to demo it live, it seems the least Apple could do is promote the crap out of it in return, it's potentially a huge win for both parties, paid games sell better on Apple historically, they both should be making a fair whack out of it if it takes off like they are both hoping.


If you watched it, you might have noticed how Apple banged on about the (timed) exclusives they had in multiple entertainment categories, not just games, which seems par for the course in most competitive entertainment markets these days, exclusivity is the only edge anybody has left to get or stay ahead.


You could have argued that Nintendo should have done Google a solid instead, after they helped them out with the Niantic deal, but I can see why a paid app would preferably launch first on iOS.

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It was still true last year in totality so unless something has changed massively in a single year, it still makes the most sense to target Apple over Google, despite the massive userbase advantage Google has and the anecdotal evidence from other paid app launches would support the available financial data. You could make some inference about the socioeconomic differences between Apple and Android hardware buyers, as that is certainly one point brought up for why Apple still makes more money from apps than Google does.


TLDR - Apple buyers are usually more well off and more willing to buy paid apps so they usually get first dibs.



Here's the most recent data, which includes all types of apps:



The Q2 report by App Annie shows that that average iOS download now generates four times the revenue for developers compared to Google Play. Despite serving up half the downloads worldwide compared to Google Play, Apple's App Store generated twice the revenue overall.



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I've heard a few people mention $10 to unlock all but I really don't see that at all. More likely to be $1.99 to $3.99 isn't it? $10 would an instant turnoff for so many. The bulk of profits will come from the 'luxury' items and to sell those they need the hugest audience possible. 

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But that would be a form of F2P really then, whale hunting which Nintendo seem opposed to and also would contradict the above quote from Shigeru Miyamoto:




Miyamoto said. “But of course one of the reasons that we want to offer the game for a set price is so that parents who are buying it for their kids can know that ‘I’ve bought the game and now my kids can play it as much as they want and there’s not going to be additional costs associated with that.’



After all the headlines about children buying expensive cosmetics and currency on other games then their parents forcing Apple to refund them or risk bad PR would kind of put Nintendo off from going that route I'd think, we'll see I suppose. Selling it for a very low price seems to go against Nintendo's long term view on content pricing, they don't want to train people to expect low pricing on their products as it leads to a negative feedback loop which isn't great in the long run, as Iwata pointed out over a decade ago, which is pretty much where mobile pricing finds itself.


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Super Mario Run - Nintendo's first mobile outing for its mustachioed mascot - will launch for iPhone on 15th December, priced at $9.99.


We've yet to get an official UK price, although £7.99 is a safe bet.


Super Mario Run is free to start, with a limited portion of the game available to play without charge. You'll be able to try out all three of the app's main modes.

Nintendo will then require you to pay if you want to access the full game - via the above one-off fee.


The three modes let you challenge courses and collect coins, challenge player ghost data of your friends, and finally create your own Mushroom Kingdom using the coins and Toads collected from these modes.


iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices with iOS 8.0 are supported. An Android version of the game has yet to be dated.



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37 minutes ago, Capwn said:

Wonder if the rest of the industry follow this system or if it's only really someone as big as Mario that can make it work? 


Plenty of games have been around that price, but the premium bit of the market has been rapidly shrinking. It's a bit early to say Mario has made it work!

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