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What is spinning on your turntable?

Oh Danny Boy

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21 hours ago, ZOK said:

One of my favourite albums! Contains Escape, also known as the Pina Colada Song…but every track on here is great, especially the title…eiventies pop jazz vibes abound:


Sort of like pound shop Steely Dan.

I love those MCA labels with the rainbow..

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Picked up Herbie Hancock’s Perfect Machine and Sound System for £6. Definitely of their age, mix of electro, P-Funk, Minneapolis Funk, Jazz fusion etc and loads of fun. Also picked up an Audio Technica VM95ML cartridge, which has breathed new life into my system.


Still need a nice hifi rack though


Edit - I can imagine the purists howling with outrage at the version of Maiden Voyage on Perfect Machine, I think it's great though.


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On 06/11/2022 at 17:58, Camel said:


True story…

When I moved I lost one box of records. In that box are original pressings of:




Sweet Exorcist



I can’t even bring myself to list the rest, but there’s Tower of Power, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Soul Searchers….


It’s been 6 years now and I still think about it weekly trying to work out where it is….


Anyway…masterpiece continues to deliver….




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3 hours ago, donkeyk said:

Arrived today! Rumour has it, these reissues hint he’s working on new material….I can but hope.

As much as I'd like to believe it, I do think Alan has given up on the music biz. I always wished he'd done more production after he left DM but it wasn't to be.

I hope he's doing OK, he's pretty much radio silent these days.

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On 03/11/2022 at 17:50, Darren said:

Delighted to fill another gap in my “favourite 90s albums that never came out on vinyl” collection.



Edit: flipping heck I’d forgotten how much I love this album. It sounds amazing on vinyl.


Ha! Snap - (the wife is out so I can put it on) - agreed on the vinyl - for once BMG issue a decent piece of vinyl using an actual cutting engineer - usually it is a bit shit. I saw her live in London on this tour, reminds me of working in London at the time this album and copying to MiniDisc for portable listening




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And on the subject of great sleeves, I got sent this empty one as protective packaging for a Shola Ama 12” I ordered…what a cover! I guarantee I would also love this record if they’d have sent it to me:



Strong Mrs Mills vibes.

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My 1,472nd play of this album. 




This is the chepo FAME reissue version from 1982 and it's the best sounding one of the lot I have - including original and reissues etc. - just because it was on a cheap reissue label doesn't mean it sounds crap, so don't pass on these if you find them and write them off as not as good as the original.


Also, thinking about it, this record (along with many others) demonstrates to me how resilient the vinyl format actually is. I bought this aged 11 after saving up my pocket money from the local Woolworths and it has stayed with me since - it's gone through 5 house moves, various turntables and styli throughout the years, and even survived about 5 years in a loft when I was short of space in our first rented house (stacked in a record case of course) - and yet it still sounds great, probably the best it's ever sounded on my current gear.


It comes from an era where I never really knew anything about tracking force, anti-skate, vertical tracking height, polylined sleeves and all of that audiophile guff we take for granted today. I've always taken care of my stuff, even as a child - I'm glad I was disciplined with it now looking back - definitely something I picked up from my father at the time. 


I can still count on one hand those records I lent out and never saw again though, you live and learn - the answers NO get your own.



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1 hour ago, englishbob said:

Also, thinking about it, this record (along with many others) demonstrates to me how resilient the vinyl format actually is.


I brought a first press of Horace Silver - Silver's Serenade from Waxwell records in Amsterdam this year. Only €20, but then it looks as though someone's scrubbed it with a Brillo pad. I'd like to imagine it was played on a Dansette echoing around the streets of the Jordaan, but as with these things, who knows?


Anyhoo, after a clean, there's definite background noise. However, the music itself still sounds fantastic, all the information is still there on the record. I guess one of the advantages of playing old records with a microline stylus when perhaps they were played with chunky conicals previously.

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I always feel a bit bad posting Hot Nerd Shit in here (particularly after something as wonderful as Quiet Life), but Japanese Breakfast's work on this soundtrack is so sublime (and the screenshot-as-cover-art so unreasonably spectacular) that I had to put this one up:



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