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What is spinning on your turntable?

Oh Danny Boy

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On 24/07/2022 at 18:16, Twinbee said:

Have spent some time cleaning up a 1981 Akai hi-fi that belonged to a late relative. Not finished fettling with it yet (it needs a new stylus), but white vinyl in particular looks very pleasing on it. 


I am all over that. 

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Unlike their release of Jackson Sisters’ I Believe In Miracles, both songs (Funky President is on the flip; the b-side wins again) are untouched (ie - they didn’t get Simon Harris in to throw an extra drum break behind them).

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The best "rock" album on my generation (not my fathers) - 1990's Jane's Addiction - Ritual de lo Habitual


Just a phenomenal piece at the time for me - an impressionable 19 year old. Everyone's on their top game (Perkins as a drummer is underrated) and then there is Navarro - I'm not a huge guitar orientated person - especially guitar solos etc. but everything he does on this is absolute perfection - not a single note wasted. I can't quite believe he has no memory of making this album due to his drug abuse


This pressing - the 30th anniversary edition is on x2 pieces of vinyl, and other than make me feel really old - it is the best it's ever sounded on vinyl (cut by Chris Bellman)


I've lost interest in them as a band as they continue to still tour and record - but at the time they were peerless. I was actually glad they split in 91 just before all those crappy US rawk and grunge bands hit - I really didn't want Jane's caught up in that - this was special. 


The only other album of this era that did get caught up in-between the grungy 90's and was peerless was Faith No More's "Angel Dust" - unfortunately most where listening to that other band from Seattle...





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11 hours ago, englishbob said:


Was never keen on this one. File next to The Family as meh

I love The Family!


The Taja Sevelle album is froth, but that lightweight Paisley Park jazz is catnip for me, and obviously her voice is amazing. It really surprised me - I can’t have listened to that album for at least thirty years, but I pretty much knew every lyric to every song, so I must have really thrashed it back in the day. Which I don’t remember doing at all!


Also worth noting that any scratch dj worth their salt will drop Love Is Contagious into a club set, and the crowd will go bananas for it.

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