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What is spinning on your turntable?

Oh Danny Boy

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The postie delivered two new releases today. A Bleep exclusive green vinyl version of the new Martin Gore remix album (which for some reason people are trying to sell for £170 on discogs) and the standard boring old black vinyl version of Tomorrow's People by Shire T.


I wish I'd ordered the Dinked edition when it was announced as it's a beautiful looking disc. Colour of vinyl aside, this is a fantastic album, a real throwback to the glory days of UK dance. The breakbeat on Blue Kiss is straight out of legend and when the 303 style acid line kicks in it just lifts the track into something amazing that takes me right back.


A genuine love letter to UK dance and serious contender for my album of the year in the RLLMUK charts.

shire t.jpg

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Speaking of turntable spinning, I forgot to say I actually played out a couple of Saturdays ago, spinning real vinyl in a real bar (Cosies for those who know it!) in front of real people doing real dancing…some things there that I haven’t been involved in for at least eighteen months if not longer, it was all quite emotional!


Anyway, I made a gif of the tunes:





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18 hours ago, Quest said:

Aww yeah that Psychic Mirrors tune. 

It’s amazing isn’t it - I heard it by chance when I was fiddling with that radio stations app that lets you tune in to stations around the globe. Someone was playing it about 8 miles from me!

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