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What is spinning on your turntable?

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Playing some Machinedrum on my new turntable. Sadly I only have the one bit of vinyl for this album. I did some tracks for Merck records and he sent me a ton of records but for whatever reason the other bit was missing. Great album though.



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On 11/12/2020 at 23:53, Ste_S said:

Makaya McCraven, Universal Beings E&F sides. Can’t get enough of Makaya at the moment



I bought this but it arrived properly mashed in the post, so sent it back. I still gave it a listen though beforehand. Didn't rate it over his albums. He seems to do this over and over now, produces blinding albums and then has this E+F side thing afterwards which just doesn't add to experience. There is also something called Highly Rare he released which is also a big turkey. 


Great to know he's getting good exposure though. An album with Flying Lotus and Thundercat has to be on the cards now at some point

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Most of my records were bought new way back in the day, and the plastic shrink wrap was removed straight away. That ^ was a boot sale find and came like that. It's survived being like that for 37 years so is probably ok.


A still-sealed Frankie Paul record I bought didn't fare so well and the sleeve was all wavy when I bought it. A shame but not the end of the world. I'll open that at some point. 

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11 hours ago, Sane said:

I would recommend taking the sleeve out of the plastic foil. Some of that stuff can degrade or shrink in time and damage the sleeve.

But if you take them out of the shrink wrap, you lose the price stickers etc! And that is history! EG:






I think I bought this one in 1989...must have been the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street.

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