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What is spinning on your turntable?

Oh Danny Boy

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Nice. Haven't heard that but knowing those two I bet it's a treat.


Ghetto picture since my player is in an awkward spot:




Put off getting this for ages since it was quite pricey and hip-hop vinyl can be.. not the best. They've done a really good job with it though and the packaging is quite fancy.

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On 04/06/2018 at 20:41, deerokus said:

40p in a charity shop. Really shite album, but Clint Eastwood singing is pretty fun. 







My dad's record collection was 50% Western soundtracks and 50% war themes, though generally courtesy of Geoff Love rather then the original artists. He had a copy of the Paint Your Wagon soundtrack by the Mike Sammes Singers, and one day after I got the old record player in my room, I played Wandrin' Star so many times in a row that he came and took it away from me. And you've also got They Call the Wind Maria, before you even start on the Eastwood tracks. So in conclusion, your analysis is faulty and 40p is the bargain of the century.


However, the best thing to come out of all this, possibly tied with the Simpsons version, can be found here:



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I just made the mistake of looking at Juno.co.uk for a single 12" I wanted to buy.


There's a sale on - £60 quid later I've got a few (8 titles, 9 discs if you count one as a double album) 12" singles and albums on the way

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8 hours ago, Camel said:

Only one of those is a jazz album :)


Yeah, I forgot to cut the others!


How to kill your own gag stone dead. Sheesh. :rolleyes:


Actually, .I just saw what you posted earlier ... all set!

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2 hours ago, Rsdio said:

Boring anecdote: I once sold a Bochum Welt 10" to Richard D. James which he'd put out himself on Rephlex ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I really wish RDJ would repress a lot of the rephlex stuff, such a great label

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Uriah Heep, Demons and Wizards which I bought in a charity shop purely for the fantastic gatefold art - the record itself looked really fucked, as if someone had taken a sander to it. Turns out to play very well though, and it's a brilliant album. Right at that inflection point where prog became heavy metal. Really cool.

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