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Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space (ADIOS) - a 2D No Man's Sky

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So, with NMS fast approaching, I got a bit impatient last week and downloaded this little game in the PSN summer sale. It's just over a fiver for PS Plus subscribers. I think I saw it recommended on here, but I'm damned if I can find it to credit the recommender.


It's a 2D game, with lovely little hand-drawn graphics. It calls itself a "a roguelite spacesim platformer" which probably tells you what you need to know. You fly from planet to planet in search of objects to scan to fuel your hyperspace drive (a full Z drive propels you to a new system 1 light years away - the game measures you on light years travelled) whilst also searching for and conserving your rocket fuel.


Basic rocket fuel is your primary resource: 0 fuel equals death, and it's (obviously) how you fly from planet to planet, how you repair your ship, how you heal your astronaut, and how you buy buffs at the irregular shops.


Here's their trailer, showcasing my favourite thing so far (the music that plays when you've found enough objects to charge your Z drive):




You get a wide variety of planets: small ones with little gravity where you need to beware jumping into space, hot ones where your astronaut (or ship) can over heat in a greenhouse effect, planets ploughing through an asteroid belt and smashing stuff up, planets with heavy winds.


There's not that sense of discovery you see in NMS, and it's not their focus as far as I can tell. This is a survival roguish game, where fuel is scarce and progress is scored in a leaderboard.


I really like it so far. I doubt it's got a huge amount of longevity, but it's great for a fiver. And I do love the music.


You get a short tutorial to start you off, then it gives you a first proper go. When that's done, you unlock a few new abilities (tow-rope, the ability to get out of the ship) over a few more goes.


Give it a shot!

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Typical. Then I do find the link. Thanks @Rowan Morrison!



The flight physics and gravity model was something I forgot to highlight. Definitely a key skill to success is judging how to modify your current orbit trajectory to meet the next planet for the minimum of fuel. And when there is a planet smashing through asteroids, it feels about right in terms of the planet gravity well.


Give it a shot for sure if a Thrust-based rogue space game appeals.

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I did burn out on this quite quickly, but perhaps it's due a revisit. I thought the physics were great, but I seemed to have seen everything after a week or so of playing. It didn't have the long-term variety of, say, Binding of Isaac. It was very satisfying to get your slingshot orbits just right, though.


I also had a nasty endgame problem relating to a lack of stars, as I mention in the link. But after tweeting the devs I learned that you can (apparently) skim the sun for stars, like you can for fuel in Elite... I never went back to try that out, so maybe there's more to it that I haven't seen.

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