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Commander Jameson

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4 hours ago, jonamok said:


I think we’re done here. He’s lost to us.

I can only assume he is playing a long game of taking the piss? I know he has a weird sense of humour from his days doing cartoons on Swapnote on the 3DS, so I'm hoping this is his sense of fun and he wants to see the reaction. Because my brain just can't comprehend anybody liking the loathsome ginger twat. Please be joking deKay!


 Isn't she an ensign? But she interrupts conversations between senior officers, barges into meetings, and generally acts like she doesn't have to follow any kind of rank protocol. God, even typing this out is making me foam at the mouth.

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She's not even an ensign - she's a cadet. Genuinely, she's the only fun thing about the show. Love her rambling, and the transformation into Killy was like the finale in Grease.


Couple of things I forgot to mention:


Lorca channeling Scotty :lol:

Klingon boobs :huh:

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1 hour ago, deKay said:

She's not even an ensign - she's a cadet. Genuinely, she's the only fun thing about the show. Love her rambling, and the transformation into Killy was like the finale in Grease.



I have to agree. She was the best thing ... in the first season.


And the writers recognised that. And then broke her character. "YOU ADORE ME!!!"

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The Burnham gawp is out of control.


The hull repair scene. The sassy dialogue. The amount of lasers. Time Crystals. The lense flare. Fucking hell. 


It just isn't Trek at all. 


They don't have a framework and are just throwing shit at the screen. 








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42 minutes ago, Harsin said:



So much stupid packed into one episode.


  Hide contents

So Control suddenly works by the same rules as the droid army in the Phantom Menace? Why even go through with the dumb convoluted plan at that point?

I thought the whole tearful goodbyes thing thing was because the time crystal could only make one trip before burning out?

Burnham being responsible for Kirk and Spock's friendship. Fuck ooorrrrrrffffff!

Yum yum! :seanr::doh::rolleyes:

Control possessed people are superstrong, can dodge phaser fire like Neo and can cross distances to snap a neck in 0.00005 of a second or whatever bollocks. Nope now he's just lumbering around throwing ineffectual elbows like a pisshead who's just got thrown out of Wetherspoons.

The Aldi own brand version of Inceptions hotel hallway fight was embarrassing.

Oh no! A photon torpedo is stuck in the ship and if it goes off will blow us all up! Phew it's okay because we closed a door! What the actual fuck? They should build the whole ship out of whatever that door and glass panel were made of. Were the walls, floor and ceiling all made of the same stuff?

What the hell was the design of that Klingon dildo ship?

Someone already beat me to it, but they've been smugly patting themselves on the back on their big clever plan to make everything tie back into continuity in interviews all season and it turned out to just be this:


Were all the extra dozens of people on Discovery also so touched by Michael they volunteered to stay behind?

Please be excited for Clem Fandango's sexy Section 31 adventures, coming soon!




I liked the admiral carried on the tradition of stupid pointless sacrifices.  


‘Ill lock the door, you beam me out’ 


Job done :)

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That was 65 minutes of the finest, purest stupid I have ever seen. Even by this show’s enviable standards.


But despite all the micro-stupid, about 1 a minute, the two biggies were:



A standard bulkhead door and glass panel being literally impervious to all damage, unlike the hull of the ship.


And nanobotboy is dead and his armada utterly defeated. Fuck it, let’s jump to the future unnecessarily anyway as the writers need us the fuck out of this timeline.


Fucking spectacularly bad.

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Someone literally posted this on resetera in defence of the bulkhead door:



So, i guess its demolitions lesson time.

For all of you wondering how Pike survived. it's simple and actually correct from a physics perspective. An explosion in an enclosed space would send it's pressure omni-directionally but... since there was a big hole on one side of that enclosed area the majority of the pressure would vent to and through that area. This is the theory behnd how both underwater demolitions and shaped charges work.

Class dismissed.



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That episode was like modern blockbuster movie writing of the worst kind, banking everything on the hope that a large percentage of viewers won’t give a shit if any of the plot works moment to moment, as long there’s lots of spectacle and some shitty one liners.

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19 minutes ago, Mogster said:

If only someone had thought to blow up Discovery from the inside with a torpedo, leaving all the doors open of course. <_<



Indeed. Discovery can't be destroyed so we have to take it to the future. 5 minutes later, Discovery is literally on the verge of being destroyed. 


Just put everyone into escape pods and ram the damn thing with the Enterprise. 

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The simple fact is all of these new characters are uniformly shit. I have feelings of complete hatred to complete indifference about them all and played by bad actors is the icing on the cake.









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As usual I seem to be the only one still fucking loving the show, loved that episode and can't fucking wait for season 3.


Also as usual plotholes you can drive a bus through but I don't care. We're boldly going where no canon has gone before. I also join the call for a Pike show. They can't leave it like that after spending all that money on Enterprise sets surely?


Dekay. Don't listen to these pussies. Tilly is <3


Spoiler thoughts on the last episode

I loved that the entire episode was essentially one long fight. Loved that the Klingons seem to have the biggest ship in the universe

The time travel effects were lovely. Gave me a motion picture vibe while also evoking the jump in STIV. I'm super pleased Jet is still with us. Super bummed that *apparently* Po stayed behind.

Spock getting his shave and haircut finally. Damn son. That Enterprise bridge is fucking delicious. Given that Space Hitler is supposed to be in the new S31 series I'm wondering how given that she's 950 years and 55k light years away. That's quite a commute to the office. Also Ash can't carry a show himself. And needs a fucking shave and a haircut the fucking hippy.

Glad to see Kevin and Hugh back together.


Thoughts on next season

Difficult to predict really. We have no real idea what's going on in this time period. What we do know is that the tech race is on. Discovery will likely be woefully out of place and need an upgrade. Its initial advantage will obviously be the spore drive and I expect they'll need to use it very early on causing some drama with Stammets who'll still be recovering. The sphere data will likely prove key here in getting the ship upgraded. It's possible Starfleet still exists (I know there are references to at least 29th and 31st century versions of STF in canon) but I think I'd prefer all new, Voyager style antics.


Calypso links - Placing this in the timeline is tricky. It could easily be set after the series is done and we've moved on. A ship waiting for a crew who are never coming back...but it could also be the result of a second time displacement for "some" reason. Either way I'm thinking that something related to the sphere data is going to give the ship an AI. Love that idea


Does anyone know roughly when we can expect season 3?


Tilly haters? See below.



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Tilly was tolerable to start with but she's been getting fatter and zanier with every episode. She's basically just comic relief at this point, no attempt to make her an actual character. In Season 3 she'll probably get her own laughter track.

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