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Star Trek Discovery

Commander Jameson

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Being available doesn't mean people have it. Not sure many in this thread even heard of it before this came up.


And it's not available in many places. When they say it's available in Europe, they actually mean 7 countries.

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So far episode 4 is two programs in one, alongside the now standard discovery mental health awareness discovery message.


Tilly and co - doing some proper trek.


Burnham and Saru - seemingly trying to do an episode of Scooby Doo


Book and Doc doing this weeks mental health awareness course



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2 hours ago, cubik said:

Why is everyone so earnest in this and unable to talk like normal people?


Even best friends talk to each other really awkwardly like they’ve just been introduced to their new girlfriend’s parents


Because the writers can't write.

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1 hour ago, GwiDan said:

I saw an ad on Sky the other day. They must be spending a fortune promoting something they could have left on Netflix. 


I've seen a lot of Pluto TV ads on the side of buses lately with what I guess are their three pillars. Star Trek Discovery, a Gordon Ramsey show of some kind and......Cruel Intentions, as in the late 90's film. :lol:


When that's your third biggest thing then you've proper fucked it.

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