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EFL Championship 2016/17


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On 12/3/2016 at 19:54, merman said:

What a topsy-turvy season this is.

Table is crazy close between bottom four and top six.


I would think that the Christmas period will split it somewhat. It's where the depth of your squad can make the difference. It's been an exciting first half though :) 

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18 minutes ago, the_debaser said:

Yeah, I tipped birmingham to go up this year and we're still looking ok despite a poor result at the weekend. 


If we can keep the first 11 fit we could stay in the playoffs but a couple of key injuries will scupper any chance of promotion. 


Sadly i'm a Bluenose too xD 


If Rowett brings in a decent goalscorer then maybe but I think we will just miss out again. Maybe 7th / 8th (so an improvement on last season).

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17 hours ago, dr_manhattan^ said:

Fulham at home tomorrow, they're in really good form, KMac is bound to have a good game and we can't play stearman. 


On the other hand, we've beat everything West London has thrown at us this season and we do usually beat Fulham. 


Prediction: Wolves 1 - 3 Fulham


2 minutes to go in the 1st half, and it's already 1 - 3 to Fulham!!

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6 minutes ago, dr_manhattan^ said:

Sorry @BitterToad we usually manage to beat you in the last few years, but it's taking the piss giving you a 3-1 lead first.


Obviously I didn't expect this.

This post has made me happier than any points could! Cocky shit! 


Very much looking forward to watching the highlights for this one! 

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54 minutes ago, Plissken said:

Watching the various highlights on channel Five.


Fair to say the ref in the Huddersfield/Bristol City match didn't have his greatest game.


This feels like practically every game at the moment, regardless of result. We've not had a penalty given all season and we've had a few pretty blatant ones recently including two against Wigan on Sky which everyone involved in the coverage agreed on, so I don't think it's just us feeling hard done by for normal 'they even out over a season' stuff. I dunno what the answer is with the standard of officiating but it was genuinely vastly better in League 1 just a few years ago.


We're a massively frustrating team in some ways and certainly can't entirely put our recent awful form entirely down to the officials but still, it's hard not to get your whine on about them at times.

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Another poor game at Portman Road - highlight was Sol Bamba throwing a weird temper tantrum, knocking their physio over, squaring up to random people, calling the fourth official a load of names, squaring up to Warnock, being sent off. Like the true gentlemen of the sport that we are, we then chose not to take advantage of our extra man and instead meandered to a draw, nearly giving away all three points at the death because we're nice like that. 

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