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Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

Mr Do 71

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I have no idea what I just witnessed! Was Pac bouncing off the ghosts in that? And ... the multi-coloured chains ... and ... the BIG BUGGER ... and ....


That is the most mind-blowing game trailer I have ever seen.



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despite the slightly dodgy song which almost sounds lyrically like it could be used at a UKIP or BNP conference I'm an instabuy on this too - loved the last one


I suspect I'm going to need to buy an elite controller as this looks like something that needs a super precise D pad

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9 hours ago, KriessG said:

Just curious, is there any two player on one console modes in this (or the previous ones)?


You mean playing somultaneously? Not in CE or DX but PacMan256 has a brilliant multiplayer mode for up to 4 people. This new one I don't know.

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6 minutes ago, KriessG said:

Thanks @Yoshimax, I guess let's see, it would've been nice to play with the missus that was all.


In that case I'd ultra recommend PacMan256 over this - this is Championship Edition it's going to be pretty hardcore stuff whereas Pacman256 particularly in MP is like a coop experience where you actually help and can revive each other to extend the game length. It's free on phones you can try it out that way.

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