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Don't know how many Harmontown fans there are on the forum but this launched yesterday on SeeSo. It's basically Dan Harmon (writer of Community and Rick and Morty), his ex wife Erin McGathy and Jeff Davis (Whose Line, Teen Wolf) playing D&D live courtesy of DM Spencer Crittendon. They found Spencer in the crowd on one of the first Harmontown episodes and he now is a regular on the show and has been in both Community (Annie's brother) and Brooklyn 99. They then animate over the D&D Ricky Gervais Show style. They have a guest on every week (Paul F Tompkins is great in the below ep) and it looks like it's going to be really good fun! 


The only slightly annoying thing is that I don't seem to be able to get SeeSo in the UK. I tweeted Spencer about it and it doesn't sound like it's coming to iTunes any time soon so we may be a bit stuck for ways to watch it legally in the UK. 



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The whole 'watching people play D&D' thing has become pretty popular in the last year or so, Wizards of the Coast have streamed games for a while and there are a load of one-shot games recorded online, but proper weekly campaigns are becoming a really popular thing too..


There's Acquisitions Inc of course (now going weekly), WoTC are currently running an ongoing-  Dice, Camera Action, Yogscast run one called High Rollers.. Have watched a fair few over the last few months..


But my favourite by a mile has to be Critical Role - a bunch of self proclaimed 'nerdy-ass voice actors' who get together weekly and stream their ongoing campaign..

They originally all got together a few years ago to play a game for a birthday and all loved it so much they kept going. Word got around in the industry and Geek and Sundry asked them to stream the game on Twitch, where it's become hugely popular - with nearly 30k subscribed to their Twitch channel (though it's free to watch live and is uploaded to Geek and Sundry weekly after a few days, then to YouTube after a few weeks..

From the start, the majority of the subs/proceeds from the show has gone to local nonprofit organisations and other charities, many geared towards improving child literacy..


They're not very well known faces (being voice actors) but if you've played a videogame in the last decade you'll have definitely heard their voices..
Plus there have been a fair few celebrity guest appearances. Wil Wheaton, D&D legend Chris Perkins and author Patrick Rothfuss..

It's not quite as slick as some of the newer shows (for the first few episodes anyway) it's not edited at all - it's literally the stream of them playing for a few hours.. and while it's a huge amount of fun with a lot of laughs, the cast take it a little more seriously, making it much more dramatic than some of the newer series.. just because they're now all ~so~ invested in their characters, having played them for so long..

If you have time to invest, it's wonderful fun..


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