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Evo 2016: World's biggest fighting game event


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Biggest fighting game event until Rllmuk's WBO16 online SFV tournament, surely. ;) Separating talk from the main game threads could be a good idea - the SFV topic is so busy with other chat that people who don't visit the thread might not be aware about Evo.


Personallly I'm keen to check out SFV matches when possible - this will be its first big outing since launch - and if there is a panel for SFV news (as suggested recently) I'll definitely tune in for that.

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I may well be spending my Evo weekend with JLM and his Marvel-monster friend, so last night I put UMVC3 in for half an hour of training mode to remember how the game works and found that...I don't remember how the game works. I can't even remember my Spencer/Missiles combo, and I'm pretty sure it's one I invented because the real combos were too hard, so it's not like I can look it up. Something like air magic series, knee drop ground bounce, ground series into up grapple, missiles hit, ground series into air series, down grapple wall bounce, something something super. I couldn't get the timing on calling missiles right and couldn't get the something something after the wall bounce either. I think it was down-zip, qcf+S. And I think I had a second assist call somewhere. How time passes and memory fades.


Hoping for KBR vs one of the gods for that grand final. I would say ideally ChrisG so he gets a last shot at the title but I'd obviously be lying because, as noted in my last post, I'm a jwong fanboy.


Anyway, I was coming here to post about last year's USF4 fantasy top 8 because I just found the details and don't think I ever shared the results.




It's a four way tie for most correct guesses - Curtis, Qazimod, Spuck and Camel all got in there - but only Qazimod had all three finalists in his selection. Mind you, only Curtis had seven top 32 players which is similarly impressive (well df0 also managed this feat, but he somewhat scuppered his own chances of winning by picking Kazunoko twice and thereby reducing how many of his picks made top 8 - I've checked the results can confirm Kazunoko didn't make top 8 twice in USF4 at last year's Evo).

I give the maddest of props to Qazimod personally, but technically the game was to pick the top 8, not the winner, so all four guessers are to be congratulated on the quality of their reads.

I've also added in a chart or two just to make the image extra purple.

I'll happily run this again if people want to pick their top 8s for this year? It would seem like SFV would be the game to do it for. We can reveal the results next July. If you're interested then check the brackets (link in first post) and place your bets.


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I just went to add that to the first post, but as I was doing it I realised the times looked suspiciously civilised so went and checked. Have now added a different schedule to the first post which matches my own maths (event starts at 4pm on all three days and end way too late, as they should).


Also updated details of side tournaments with better information. There is a SFxT tournament on the Saturday! And BAS is running a CvS2 tournament! Still no SF4 - I guess it is having at least one year in the wilderness :-(


Oh and don't worry Joffocakes, I will make sure to text you the SFV result the moment it happens so you don't have to watch it (kidding).




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I'm as casual as can be. Which means someone who loves to follow these events (mainly SFV and some SFIV for me*) but doesn't actually play them.. Everytime I consider starting up I come to the realisation that I'm just not hardcore enough for the hours needed (and the cost of a good fightstick). 


EVO last year was the first for me and I've been following all of the SFV Pro Tour this year. 


* Stuff like MvC3 is way to busy for my brain to process and MK is a bit too juggle-heavy for my taste. I prefer the SF look and the way it feels (looks) more grounded and "chunky". 


Looking forward to PR maining Balrog (if he does) and how far he can take it. Also curious to see if Phenom can make it to top-8. And would love to see a Zangief go far. :)


Will we see some more Guile players I wonder - I'm a little surprised how few we've seen so far.


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Assuming he is still playing him, maybe try and look out for ChrisG's Guile .  I'm not aware of anyone else maining him that is notable (might get the likes of Nuckledu pulling one out).  Probably some I've missed though.


Zero idea who is going to win, but echo sentiments it is likely to be an all Asia top 8.

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Might as well talk about smash bros seeing how I'm into that.


So Melee is missing quite a few people this year in terms of top players. PPMD (one of the 5 gods) is on an extended break from competing because of health issues brought about from a hormone deficiency and depression. Leffen (only non-god to beat all 5 gods in tournament) hasn't been in the US last year as he was denied entry for using a visitors visa to enter the US when his sponsorship by Team Solo Mid and his tourney winnings meant he was technically coming into the country to work. He had been given a temp visa which would have allowed him to compete at Evo but because they are now processing a new visa for him he is no longer allowed to use a temporary one, meaning he is stuck in Sweden for a few more months. Considering he has spent all year complaining about tournament rulesets not being to his liking and not being allowed to skip round 1 pools (because according to him he'll just win anyway) a lot of people are saying good riddance. There are a few other high ranked players apparently not going (Silent Wolf, MacD, aMSa, Professor Pro) but for the most part pretty much everyone is making the trip with over 2000 players signed up for it.


The favourites to win Melee are Mango, Armada and Hungry Box. Mango won back to back Evo tournaments in 2013 and 2014, he also came 3rd at evo 2007 (his breakout tournament). He has been having occasional slumps in play over the last year but recently he has come back in full force 3-0'ing Armada , what is impressive about the win was he did it with Marth despite being a Fox/Falco player, his play is currently going through a transition as he is beginning to fully take advantage of modern advanced tech after originally stating that he would win without using the likes of shield dropping (now he is considered the best in the world at it).

Armada was the winner of last years Evo and also won the super major Genesis 3 back in January, for most of the last year he looked unbeatable having switched characters from Peach to Fox, the last few months however his momentum has slowed down with Mango, Hungrybox, Mew2King, and Leffen all taking sets off him in tournament. The Swedish Sniper will want to reclaim his evo crown but he'll face a lot of resistance.

Hungrybox was come 3rd, 2nd, and 2nd in the last three Evo tournaments, earning him the title of "the giver of free evos" by Mango who defeated him on the way to his two evo wins in 2013 and 2014. HungryBox is considered THE Jigglypuff player in Melee and was for years one of the most despised players of the game as many saw Jigglypuff's defensive, safe,  counter attacking play style as going against the spirit of the game. With him consistently getting top 8 in almost every tournament he has entered over the last 6 years people now give HungryBox his due. normally a consistent player in making top 4 at tournaments HungryBox has recently been facing stronger opposition, going to close sets with other high ranked players outside of the top 5, Mew2King, who at a time looked unable to beat HungryBox, recently beat him 3-0 in tournament, as did Wizzrobe, the 18 year old multi-game prodigy who 3-0'd HungryBox with his Captain Falcon.


Although Mango, Armada and HungryBox are the 3 favourites there are many dark horses in this tournament.

Mew2King is the last of the 5 Gods entering evo, having being competing at the top level since 2005 Mew2King is one of the most experienced players to be entering Evo. The past decade has seen Mew2King go through several highs and lows, at Evo 2007 he was eliminated by Mango and Chillindude (missing top 8) despite being one of the favourties to win the tournament. After 2007 it would be 5 years before Mew2King would finally beat mango in tournament. Mew2King is unpredictable and has in the last few months gone from beating the likes of Armada and HungryBox 3-0 to getting eliminated in tournament by a Captain Falcon player for the first time in 10 years. he is also the only one of the 5 gods to play Brawl and Smash 4 at the top level.

Other players worth looking out for are Westballz (best Falco in the World), Plup (Sheik player, also considered to be the best Samus), Axe (best Pikachu in the world, top 8 the last two Evo's), Wizzrobe (a top player in Smash 64, Melee, Project M (retired) and Smash 4 despite being 18 years old).


A lot of complains get thrown at Melee for a number of reasons. one complaint is the time the game takes to run, with games being played with 4 player stocks and an 8 minute timer Melee has a bad habit of running over at tournaments, last year at evo HungryBox and Armada played twice in top 8 with nearly all of the matches going to time, much to the ire of Street Fighter fans everywhere. An other complaint is aimed at the attitude of the community, Melee fans only care about Melee. At least years Evo guilty gear fans had to crowd around a phone in the hallway to watch top 8 as the main hall had been occupied by melee fans who were waiting for top 8 Melee to start. Melee fans are also gaining a reputation for booing other games off stage, at Apex 2015 they booed Smash 4 players off stage after grand finals and cheered as melee top 8 started, there were heavy complaints about this at CEO last month with Melee fans doing the same to Killer Instinct. Melee is also the game with the least amount of player cross over at evo, interestingly Smash 4 and Street Fighter V have the largest player cross over of any game.



Anyway here's a melee video.

Mew2King vs Shiz, RoM 2009, the most watched match of all time.



Smash 4:

Smash 4 was an easy pick for Evo last year, ZeRo had been on a winning streak since the games release having won every tournament he entered. He ended up winning Evo without dropping a single game. His winning streak would carry on until October when he finally lost at MLG Gand Finals to Nairo. Despite this blip he continued his dominance over the scene winning all the way up to Genesis 3, after Genesis ZeRo took a break from the game because of a hand injury.

Quite a lot has changed in the last 2 years. When Smash 4 had its first major at Apex 2015 it was something of a disaster, everyone played incredibly defensive, there was a lot of camping, games were going on for a long time, Diddy Kong was overpowered and desperately needed a nerf and the whole thing soured people on the game. It lead to 2 stock games becoming the standard even though its predecessor Brawl played with 3 stocks, so desperate was the Smash 4 seen to distance itself from the hate it (and also become more crowed pleasing because we esports now) had been getting for being slow and boring game that they even agreed to Evo's ruleset which allowed the use of custom movesets. At first people believed custom moves were the way to go in order to speed up the game, however many of these moves were never intended for serious play and over time players found them to be less enjoyable, more degenerate and overall a worse way to play the game. After many tournaments and many balance patches the game has now reached the point where players have optimised their play with the meta becoming diverse which is finally a relief as so far the games meta had been dominated by select characters, first Diddy Kong, then Sheik, then Bayonetta (who was so good some tournaments banned her), the closest character to being on the level of those 3 at the moment in terms of sheer power given to player using them is Cloud but even he is not close to the level of the previous 3.


Anyway lets talk about the players. Smash 4 in the last few months has been a roller coaster with everyone beating each other, it's impossible to pick a favourite for Evo right now. so here's a quick run down of top players (I'm assuming they've all entered).

ZeRo (Diddy/Sheik) - won evo 2015, had a 50+ tournament winning streak, dominance ended following hiatus from injury and Sheik nerfs.

Nairo (Zero Suit Samus) - First person to take a tournament from ZeRo, arguably the best American player.

Dabuz (Rosalina) - Came 2nd at Apex 2015 and was blamed by people for making the tournament run too long with his then campy Rosalina, has been getting top 2 in many tournaments since the games release.

Mr. R (Sheik) - This dutch player came second at Evo last year and is by far the best European player. Has never won an American National or Major and has gained a reputation for making bad luck in big matches where he loses to gimmicky stuff.

Abadango (Mewtwo) - This Japanese player isn't considered the best from his nation but he has had the most presence at American tournaments, he has constantly changed his play over the course from games life jumping from Pacman, to Wario, to Meta Knight, to MewTwo. His performances with MewTwo moved the character from Lower-Mid tier to high tier.

Ally (Mario) - Canada's best player. Spent a lot of time saying that Mario isn't very good and then beat Zero two tournaments in a row with Mario. Back in Brawl he was far and away considered the best Solid Snake player and still actively players Brawl.

Larry Lurr (Fox/Donkey Kong) - Larry Lurr's play style baffles a lot of people, his performances with Fox often make people debate whether Fox is top 5 in the game. Fox is one of the hardest characters in the game to play at the top but he makes it look easy having recently beaten ZeRo and using Fox's move sets to beat people in ways that makes him look like a genius in comparison to other players.

VoiD (Sheik) - This Sheik player is considered to be the player to have mastered Sheik better than anyone else, unlike most other players he utilities Sheik's entire move set and has won many games by punishing mistakes as hard as the character can, easily winning games off of strong mix ups and strings.

Ranai (Villager) - Considered to be Japans top player Ranai upheld his reputation by coming 3rd at Genesis 3, although losing to both ZeRo and Dabuz the games were so close that they could have easily swung his way on another day. ZeRo has remarked that his match with Ranai was the hardest match of his career.

ANTi (Mario and ever y other character) - ANTi has a reputation of being able to pull out characters unexpectedly and win with them. Having recently won CEO he is a top pick to go on and win the tournament. 


Honorable mentions:

Tweek (Cloud), Zinoto (Diddy Kong), Hyuga (Toon Link), K9sbruce (Sheik/Diddy), Mew2King (Cloud), False (Sheik/Marth/Ryu), Komorkiri (Cloud/Sonic), FOW (Ness), ESAM (Pikachu), iStudying (Greninja).


Some smash 4 videos:

Dutch player iStudying and his Greninja.


Mew2King 3-0'ing ZeRo because he's Mew2King and will just do shit if he feels like it.



That's my Smash Bros Evo Preview. This took me some time to write.



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Good work on making an Evo thread!


I wanted to make a little site that tracked what was playing on all the streams at any time, and offer a way to switch between them that you just can't get through the twitch site itself. So decided to open it up to others as well, because, well, why not.




REALLY excited about this years Evo. Mainly for Tekken 7, mind you.

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Tekken 7 top 8 was awesome and I'm definately going to get the game when it comes out.

Smash 4 top 32 has been pretty good today, shame top 8 for Smash Wii U is best of 3 with top 3 being best of 5. Melee was always the problem game with timeouts because everyone plays incredibly safe where's smash 4's scene has pushed for quicker play more and more in the last year. Anyway watch that kamemushi guy who plays megaman, he's a genius.

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