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Nintendo eShop 14th July Some Good Sale Prices


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This week, from Nintendolife WAIT! From GoNintendo!


Nintendo eShop (3DS)

Monster Hunter Generations (CAPCOM, available July 15) - €44.99/£39.99
The hunt is about to begin in the world of Monster Hunter! Take up the role of a hunter, seeking out and vanquishing a variety of colossal creatures. Or for the first time, choose to fight as a felyne in Prowler mode and see the world through their little furry eyes! Customise your unique hunting style, weapon type and choose from an array of devastating Hunter Arts for NEW powerful moves in battle. Hunt alone offline or with your fellow hunters whether as a Hunter or Prowler through local and online co-operative multiplayer! Happy Hunting!

*Bonus for purchasing on Nintendo eShop: Download code for the exclusive "Monster Hunter Generations: The Fated Four" HOME Menu theme for Nintendo 3DS.

Offer valid until 31/12/2016, 23:59 UTC.

Disney Art Academy (Nintendo, available July 15) - €34.99/£29.99
Learn to draw dozens of Disney and Pixar Characters in Disney Art Academy! You can use a wide variety of tools to learn to draw more than 80 Disney and Pixar characters in 2D. By setting your own pace through multiple easy-to-follow lessons, characters like Mickey Mouse, Nemo from Finding Nemo, Elsa from Frozen, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and Simba from The Lion King come to life on your Nintendo 3DS!  

Journey to Kreisia (KEMCO) - €9.99/£8.99 
Become the Savior from the outer realm and bring everlasting peace to Kreisia in an epic fantasy RPG! While attempting to skip out on a homework assignment and meet up with his friends at the arcade, a teenager by the name of Yusis is suddenly enveloped in a blinding light and transported to Kreisia - a world where fantasy meets reality. Soon after, he learns he has been summoned as a Savior to deliver Kreisia's people from the threat of the Overlord. Thinking everything happening around him is simply a dream, Yusis readily agrees to the task of saving the world and begins preparing for what is inevitably to be far more than he ever bargained for!

Fire Emblem Fates: Witches' Trial (Nintendo, Add-On Content) - €1.99/£1.79 
A carbon copy of "Fear Mountain" from Fire Emblem Gaiden, or the next best thing, at any rate! It still features an army of witches warping all over the map—you won't be able to tell the difference, guaranteed!

*Downloadable maps can be purchased from the Dragon's Gate. If the Dragon's Gate doesn't appear on your world map, just play a little bit more of the game. You'll see it soon! If you've already bought Map Pack 1, you can play this map by going to the Dragon's Gate and selecting "Purchase DLC." Just download the map and it'll be ready to play!

Monster Hunter Generations: Glavenus (CAPCOM, theme available July 15) - €1.99/£1.79 
Monster Hunter Generations: Gammoth (CAPCOM, theme available July 15) - €1.99/£1.79 
Monster Hunter Generations: Astalos (CAPCOM, theme available July 15) - €1.99/£1.79 
Monster Hunter Generations: Mizutsune (CAPCOM, theme available July 15) - €1.99/£1.79 
Monster Hunter Generations: Felynes (CAPCOM, theme available July 15) - €1.99/£1.79
Monster Hunter Generations: Standard Theme (CAPCOM, theme available July 15) - €1.99/£1.79

Special offers
3D MahJongg (Joindots) - €3.99/£3.59 (Ends July 28, normally €4.99/£4.49)
Gardenscapes (Joindots) - €5.99/£4.49 (Ends July 28, normally €7.99/£5.99)
Murder on the Titanic (Joindots) - €5.35/£4.00 (Ends July 28, normally €7.99/£5.99)
Safari Quest (Joindots) - €4.68/£3.33 (Ends July 28, normally €6.99/£4.99)
Olli Olli (Curve Digital) - €1.00/£0.80 (Ends July 22, normally €9.99/£7.99)
Titan Attacks! (Curve Digital) - €1.00/£0.80 (Ends July 22, normally €9.99/£7.99)
Quell Momento (CIRCLE Ent.) - €2.99/£2.39 (Ends August 4, normally €3.99/£3.19)
Tappingo 2 (CIRCLE Ent.) - €1.99/£1.59 (Ends August 4, normally €2.99/£2.39)
The Legend of Dark Witch 2 (CIRCLE Ent.) - €4.99/£4.19 (Ends August 4, normally €6.99/£5.59)
Witch & Hero 2 (CIRCLE Ent.) - €2.99/£2.39 (Ends August 4, normally €3.99/£3.19)

Nintendo eShop (New 3DS)

Mega Man 7 (CAPCOM, SNES VC) - €7.99/£7.19 (€3.99/£3.59 if you downloaded Mega Man X)
Dr. Wily has finally been imprisoned but Mega Man’s fight is far from over. Wily’s backup plan springs into action: four evil robots attack the city; the perfect distraction to make his escape. Mega Man and Rush are soon on Wily’s trail, and so are Bass and Treble: another robot and canine companion. Who are these mysterious newcomers, and can they be trusted? Jump and blast your way through action-packed levels, face off against fiendish new bosses, discover hidden items and power ups, and send Dr. Wily back behind bars!

Mega Man X (CAPCOM, SNES VC) - €7.99/£7.19 (€3.99/£3.59 if you downloaded Mega Man 7)
When the Mega Man series made the technological leap from NES to Super NES, so too did Mega Man himself. Set one hundred years after the original hero's adventures, Mega Man X stars a more powerful generation of robot known as X who - along with the maverick Zero - must take on a new threat: the reploids. Like Mega Man, X must battle through each thrilling stage and defeat the boss, to capture its weapon for his own. But unlike Mega Man, X can dash, climb walls and collect armour to upgrade his abilities!

Nintendo eShop (Wii U)

Tumblestone (The Quantume Astrophysicists Guild, available July 12) - €24.99/£19.99
Tumblestone is the first original action-puzzle game of the past fifteen years. Race your friends in multiplayer or challenge yourself in story mode. Solve progressively more difficult and creative puzzles, help a sausage make friends, and find out what happened to the Tumblecrown. Tumblestone completely reinvents the Match-3 genre into a deep and cerebral puzzle solving experience that you won't forget.

Bit Dungeon+ (Dolores Entertainment) - €4.99/£4.99
Bit Dungeon+ is a two player action rogue-like endless adventure. You and your loved one were captured by demons! You have been trapped in a dungeon for a thousand years asleep...You wake up trapped in cell, grab your weapon and let the quest to find her soul begin! Explore randomized dungeons and hack and slash your way through dangerous bosses. The difficultly increases as you become stronger and stronger. Build your character how you want with deadly passive abilities.

Dracula's Legacy (Joindots) - €7.99/£5.99
Haunted by frightening dreams about her forgotten past, Isabella - along with her fiancé - travels to an old ghost town, the only clue to her origins that she has been able to dredge from the depths of her lost memories. At the start of the dangerous journey, a terrifying creature attacks the pair and Isabella barely manages to escape with her life by fleeing into the dungeons buried deep beneath the town... where deadly vampires lurk. Now it is up to you: help Isabella as she tries to find her way out, reach the mysterious city of lost souls, and rescue her fiancé!

Hurry Up! Bird Hunter (EnjoyUp Games) - €7.99/£7.19
Hurry up, time flies!!! Hunt as many birds as possible before the time runs out. With several different types of objectives, you are given a unique and challenging variety from start to finish.

Look, aim and fire! Feel like a real hunter thanks to the precision of the Wii Remote and Wii Zapper. It is also compatible with Wii U GamePad that supports Off-TV mode.    

JACKPOT 777 (RCMADIAX) - €1.49/£1.39
Spin the REELS! Time to try your luck in JACKPOT 777. Realistic slot machine game with simple controls and endless fun. Bet one credit or go for a big win with the MAX BET! Winning combinations include 7's, Fruit, Bars, & more. Classic Slot Machine action at its best!

Star Fox Guard: Special Demo Version (Nintendo) - Free
Try the free demo of Star Fox Guard! Take camera controls to a whole new level and protect Grippy Toad's mining site in Star Fox Guard, only on Wii U! Use 12 cameras, setting them up in various locations to find and attack any enemies that approach the mining site. Use the television screen and Wii U GamePad in tandem to work out where the enemies are, then blast them away. Save data from the demo can be carried over to the full version, so tacticians can pick up where they left off.

Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins + Training (Nintendo) - Free
The Battle Begins is an animated short film starring the beloved characters from Star Fox Zero. It was produced in collaboration with Shigeru Miyamoto, Production I.G and WIT STUDIO. To prepare for the battle of Star Fox Zero, you can also play four training missions! The Arwing, Landmaster, Walker and Gyrowing are available. Join Fox, Falco, Peppy and Slippy as they fight in Star Fox Zero to protect the Lylat System from Andross’ evil army!

Special offers
Olli Olli
(Curve Digital) - €1.00/ £0.80 (Ends July 22, normally €9.99/£7.99)
Discovery (Noowanda) - €3.99/£2.99 (Ends July 28, normally €6.99/£5.99)
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Drinkbox Studios) - €6.99/£5.99 (Ends July 21, normally €13.99/£11.99)
Ice Cream Surfer (Dolores Ent.) - €2.50/£2.00 (Ends August 11, normally €5.00/£4.49)
Jones on Fire (Joindots) - €2.99/£2.29 (Ends July 28, normally €5.99/£4.59)
Queen's Garden (Joindots) - €5.59/£4.39 (Ends July 28, normally €6.99/£5.49)
Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut (Curve Digital) - €1.00/£0.83 (Ends July 22, normally €11.99/£9.99)
Nova-111 (Curve Digital) - €1.00/£0.80 (Ends July 22, normally €14.99/£11.99)
Pumped BMX + (Curve Digital) - €1.00/£0.80 (Ends July 22, normally €9.99/£7.99)
Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones (Curve Digital) - €1.00/£0.80 (Ends July 22, normally €9.99/£7.99)
The Swapper (Curve Digital) - €1.00/£0.80 (Ends July 22, normally €14.99/£11.99)
Thomas Was Alone (Curve Digital) - €1.00/£0.87 (Ends July 22, normally €7.99/£6.99)
Ultratron (Curve Digital) - €1.00/£0.80 (Ends July 22, normally €9.99/£7.99)
Stone Shire (Finger Fun Games) - €1.00/£1.00 (Ends August 11, normally €1.99/£1.79)

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Can't agree with that, sorry. It's a shambles of a game, horrid controls, puzzles that feel like you're breaking the rules to pass. Didn't like it at all.

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Pokeymens Blue, Red and Yellow are being reduced to £6.30 as well, it seems.


By reduced, I mean "still way more money than the other GB VC games".

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