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Reflex Arena - Quake With Colour


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Developed by Turbo Pixel Studios


Official Site | Reddit | Steam

Release Date: Out Now





Team T.R.A.S.H. 

El Spatula


Mike S
Nathan Wind




The Speed Runner: The Time Trials


The Edge Abyss 

1. VN1X - 18.470


Cubism One

1. Sie - 13.643

2. VN1X - 14.536







Won by Nathan Wind.





Reflex is a competitive Arena FPS that combines modern tech with the speed, precision and freedom of a 90s shooter. If you sunk countless hours into the Quake or Unreal series, Reflex will feel like a welcome return of the old school shooter feel. If you didn't experience classic arena FPS gameplay, you should immediately reclaim all those unwasted years by being part of Reflex! 

The game is currently at a alpha state. We don't have all the modes, most of the art is missing and we've yet to implement features like matchmaking and bots but we are making major updates to the game every month. 


For now, it's fun, we've got hundreds user created maps, regular competitions and streams. Get involved!

Current Features

  • Old School Gameplay - A return to fast paced, arcade FPS! 
  • Game modes - 1v1, Arena, Race, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and FFA 
  • In-game, multiplayer map editor - Build maps with friends then smear those friends across the walls. 
  • In-game replay editor - Easily create frag films and highlights. 
  • Scriptable UI - Completely customizable HUD via Lua scripts. 
  • LAN support - Grab your computer, your friends and a case of something caffeinated and enjoy the lowest pings possible through a tangled mess of CAT cable. 
  • Dedicated Servers - Run your own servers, with your own settings. Just one of our completely obvious features that should be in every game but for some reason isn't anymore! 
  • Responsive input - Input sampled 1000 times a second to provide an ultra smooth experience. If you miss, it's your fault, not ours. 
  • High Performance - Reflex uses a custom built engine targeting 120fps (and we don't cap framerates so melt your GPU if you want)
  • Planned Features
  • More game modes - Control, Juggernaut, Midair, Instagib + more. 
  • Matchmaking - Quickly find games of any type or simply jump on a server with friends. 
  • Advanced spectator features - Multiview, on-screen live statistics, spectator vs spectator. 
  • Statistics - Wins:Losses, per-weapon accuracy, kill/death ratio, player comparisons, item control, attractive bar graphs. 
  • Steamworks - Friends, achievements, player invites + more. 
  • Training and coaching - In game, step-by-step breakdowns with key-presses and timings. 
  • and more!





























I'm in no way able to articulate why this is the best thing since Q3A but my god it is! Made the thread so I can bother those who bought it to come play with me. Anyone on tonight? :D

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It'd have to be a box running somewhere I think.  Although I think I've sorted out that issue where the game isn't showing in the browser after you click Create Match.


Also I agree, this game is the best.  It's ridiculously hectic and perfect.

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How bad is it Bradigor? I mean if it's snappy aiming you're worried about, worry not. You can just take out a wrench and whack people in the face with it. Nathan certainly seemed to get on with it quite well. (:angry:)


This is the most fun I've had with a multiplayer game in quite some time. Can't stop thinking about it lol. No team pressure, no objectives you have to go for, no bullshit, just good old unadulterated fun (the grunting and shouting on Teamspeak was hilarious). Hope to get some more matches on later today! I'll be on at around 21:00 GMT+1

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New update btw.


We've been making good progress on the Character update, crouching is a lot of fun, keep an eye out for WIP updates on our social media outlets.


We also have some team changes happening. I’d like to take a moment to thank Newborn(Dave) so much for being a big part of the Reflex development team. We wish him the very best in his future endeavours, and ask the community to give him a round of applause for being a great part of the Reflex family for years. While he is moving on from day-to-day development with us, we hope to play some matches with him on our full release launch!


We’re currently developing the new pre-launch version of our website, which will include team bios for all the Turbo Pixel development family - including Shooter, Electro, Yasashii and Thaylia. The team is excited to share that Thaylia will be leading our community management, social media and general communications for Reflex, so say hi if you haven’t already!


And for today's big announcement, we've also put together a point release to address several on-going things! See the change log below 


Gameplay changes:

  • Melee range reduced from 80 to 68
  • Melee trace range reduce from 12 to 10
  • Award "pineapple" now requires direct hit to be fatal


Experimental changes:

  • Plasma cell damage reduced from 15->14 (is 12 in casual/competitive)
  • Plasma cell speed increased from 1500->2000 (is 3000 in casual/competitive)
  • Adjusted cell knockback for damage changes (KB should be same as casual/competitive)
  • IC beam now has a thickness of 1u
  • IC reload time increased from 44ms -> 50ms
  • Shotgun reload reduced from 800ms -> 1000ms (is 1000ms in casual/competitive)
  • Shotgun pellet count increased from 14->18
  • Shotgun pellet damage reduced from 6->5
  • Shotgun pellet spread increased



  • Falling out of the world, telefrag, overtime & suicide no-longer count towards damage taken
  • Stats: games player, weapon usage, deaths, damage received/given are no-longer tallied in race mode
  • Updated console error "client: disconnecting due to full input queue, server disappeared?" to "client: server stopped responding"
  • Fixed issue where com_maxfps 144 wasn't working correctly (would actually clamp to 167) -- thanks cat smoker!
  • Added cl_predict_items
  • Added AwardNotifier sound
  • Slight tweak to megahealth pickup
  • Server now posts message to all clients if another client is disconnected due to steam authentication failure (may help track down disconnects)



  • Weapon definitions table now updated when ruleset changed
  • Updated Lua documentation "gameColors -> extendedColors"
  • Exposed replay a whole bunch of replay editor variables to Lua
  • Chat beeps now play from Lua


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed award spelling "Vengeance"
  • Fixed issue where setting sv_steam 1 in your console without Steam running would not allow you to create a server via the UI
  • Fixed bug where CTF flag would disappear
  • Fixed bug where burst gun did double damage at close range
  • VAC timeouts are now retried up to 10 times before disconnecting a client
  • Fixed issue where stats weren't properly writing when you quit a server (would rollback up to 1 minute)
  • Fixed issue where re-connecting to a server would report you are not authorised (because your own self was still timing out)
  • Fixed player collision vs brushes with sharp edges. (adding bevel planes)

Replay Editor:

  • Added re_setentityproperty
  • Fixed issue where changing entity states via replay editor would occasionally cause next re_save to corrupt replay
  • Fixed issue where local camera didn't have correct extrapolation applied when attached to a player entity.
  • Fixes issue where camera when attach to a player was not using correct extrapolated position.


Cheers lads!


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