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Bit frustrating the priest last night when he's so simple to beat, we've done it a 100 times before :lol:


Must have been tired. First time tonight then rake in Iron Banner points :)


Let's hope golg gives us all the sweet armour.

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Was going to get a Golgo checkpoint last night but PSN blew up just as we finished up IB. 


Will try and grab one later if people want to just skip straight to him for all the lummy loot or can go from Warpriest if need be. 


Everyone around tonight?

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CoE will be fun this week with small arms and precision bonus. 


I'm around all week except Friday for whatever. We'll need an Oryx checkpoint though unless we want to do the whole raid which I doubt most will be up for. We'll deffo need six for Oryx.

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I don't mind if we have to run the whole raid.

Drops could be 335 items from the priest/golg and sisters, which will help our kits.


COE sounds good too.


I've been playing 2 weeks now and went from 317 to 333 :) Iron banner brought me 10 levels this week and the raid/Coe the others.


Need a 335 primary to boost my 328 and I should be 334.


I'm new raid ready anyway which was the aim. So thanks to you all for the help.


I'm proper looking forward to the new stuff in 2 months with you all.

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Sorry I couldn't join up with you guys the other night, Wife and I are both off work for a bit and she has this idea in her head that I want to spend time with her :rolleyes:


Anyway, she must be sick of me as she wants an early night tonight so I'm free for a bit of Destiny. Might be the only night I get on this week, happy to raid, CoE or whatever.

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