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Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!


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It's Dan Ryckert, so take it with a ton of salt, but he talked about playing Spider-Man last week on the GBE podcast. Beforehand he said that he loved Spider-Man 2 back in the day, specifically the swinging, but that none of the subsequent games captured that same excitement for him. Even though he wasn't crazy about the rest of the game, ie the combat and the side-missions, the swinging was so good that it made up for everything else. Aaaanyway, he said that as soon as he started playing this new Spider-Man, it immediately felt as good as Spider-Man 2. Swinging around the city gave him the same level of exhilaration as in Spider-Man 2. But! Apart from that, the combat felt just as great as the swinging this time around! And it looked gorgeous of course. Again, this is Dan Ryckert saying this stuff and it's just his first impression, but he ended by saying that for the last 15 minutes of his demo time he chose to ignore everything else and just swing around the city and it felt great.



THIS IS IT! I hope. BUT THIS IS DEFINITELY IT! I've been waiting since 2004 and finally it's almost here! The Spidey game that takes the brilliant swinging and wraps a better game around it - it always sounded so simple. But it's almost here! We're all going to be swingers!

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The majority of LE consoles are horrible, that one included. Imagine how grubby the white sticks and buttons are going to get.


Anyway, looking forward to 7th September. I'm also very much looking forward to Into the Spider-Verse later in the year :wub:

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59 minutes ago, DC LEMON said:

After all these years, it’s amazing that Nickelback never once managed to make into the so uncool it’s cool category. Listening back to that song, maybe not that amazing.


Mate, I'd literally go back and Macho Man elbow myself in 2002 for digging that song.

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3 hours ago, Uncle Mike said:

I don't really get why Nickelback became the key guitar band everyone hates. They're no worse than most of their genre's shit bands.


(Hot take.)


1 minute ago, Thor said:

No, that's The Streets. :coffee:


At least Nickelback have some semblance of actual musical talent.


Can’t believe i’ve raided in destiny with two actual members of nickelback

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