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Prey (2017) - Update and Mooncrash DLC available now!

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8 minutes ago, Thwomp said:


You can, but I keep all my recycled materials in my office, so if I want to make ammo I have to go back and collect them.


Don't do this. Use it all up or carry it with you. You get more than enough to use throughout the game and hoarding it all will just give you unnecessary trips to make. If you're really struggling for space you can always dump your recycled materials in one of the fabricators that are towards the beginning each level and leave it there while you explore the area.


Have you got any of the backpack/carry case upgrades yet? Spend some mods on those.


Also, if you haven't got it yet, there's a mod that allows you harvest exotic material from dead enemies, which you'll need buckets of to fabricate Neuromods, once you get the blueprint to do so. That's another must-have.

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I decided to reinstall this wonderful game and I'm currently creeping around the Talos lobby :ph34r: The game seems harder now than the last time I played it and thats a good thing because the game has me on my toes. It is without a doubt game of the year. 

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