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Brawlhalla - F2P Smash Bros clone


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It's a fairly new game available on steam, still in beta.  Plays a bit differently from smash bros, more fast-paced but still just as addicting.



If you want a friend to play it with, hit me up on steam.  I'm fairly decent at it after a couple months of play.

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Bit of a bump. Been playing this a lot on PSN (Free to PSN plus members) and I think it's absolutely brilliant. Very similar to Smash Bros, but with more 'air play' (some of the most exciting stuff in Smash Bros) and way less items (which I prefer as the last one was basically items with some characters and fighting in it). Had some great 1 v 1 and 4 player free for all matches. The 'Brawl of the week' which was basically a variant of American football (ish) was fun.


Awesome stuff. 

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1 hour ago, Qazimod said:

Is this actually free (well, F2P) now? Because last time I looked on the store you either had to have a beta invite or shell out for the Founder's Pack. :hmm: 


Anyway, I played quite a bit on PC so I might have a look...


Yea it should be f2p now.  You still have the option of buying Legends pack or Collectors pack. Although both are fairly overpriced in my opinion.


Legends pack lets you instantly unlock brand new characters as they're released, and current characters you don't have yet.  Otherwise you have to collect in-game gold by playing matches, to unlock new characters.  You get about 30-60 gold per match though, and characters are only about 5400 gold (brand new ones are temporarily 7200 gold), so you can actually get characters fairly quick just farming gold freely.  There are also daily rewards for logging in, dailies for online matches using specific characters, and brawl of the week mode, which all unlock high gold rewards (125-350 gold).


The reason I bought the All Legends pack is so I can save up my gold for special character colors.  Normally you unlock colors as you level up each character, but they have special colors you get from the store through gold.  10k for white, 25k for black (per character).  Then you have holiday and event colors which cost between 1200-3200 each depending on the specific event/holiday.


If you do ranked matches you collect "glory points" that can be spent on special colors or weapon skins after each season.


And alternatively, if you want special skins, you gotta shell out for blue mammoth coins. (which are also overpriced in my opinion).  Around $6 nets you 120 BMC, which can be spent (on average) on a single skin.  Sometimes a sale occurs bringing them down to 60-80 BMC.  You can also buy special taunts for around 40-100 BMC each.  You can buy KO effects and character screen podium styles, and avatars.  These last three are insanely overpriced and I'll never pay for any of them.


But there is no pay-to-win advantage, so that's awesome.  It's all cosmetic really.

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Yea at the end of the season they appear.  Basically, if you want a lot of them, win matches... or just play a shitload of ranked matches because 120 ranked matches nets you a ton, whether you win or not.  Then after that, it gradually decreases the amount of excess glory you can get.


You also get a set amount of glory based on your rank, so it's wise to at least try to win.

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Am a big fan of this so far, even if the music and SFX are lackluster.


Would love to play some people here, if anyone wants to add me im always up for a series of games or 2v2s! My PSN is 'skarmachild' (i play this on PSN but dont have many friends on there cause am new to PS4)_

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