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FTL 14 - Gametime - 2nd half is go


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7 hours ago, Wincho said:

You've had an extra injury applied - feel free to alter perks by the deadline if this changes your selections

Oh shee. Can I switch non ftl and wages for another sponge or too late?

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As mentioned earlier, Timmo has had an additional injury applied to his squad for failing to play all his games on time

Steely has had 2 more injuries applied to his squad and Andy has had 1 additional injury 


Mardigan and Bennette get away with it as tried but ultimately were let down by their opponents 

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Aye that's fair enough >< haven't been around much this week.


Steely 7-1 Mardigan

injury Tiene


Cheers for the games Mardigan, my players where on it in this one, they just seemed quicker to everything and my finishing seems to be fluctuating from game to game between cant finish a bag of crisps to cannot miss.


Ill sort out any perks in the next few hours!

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D. Elm			32	ST	66	0.5	0.008
M. Thorbjörnsson	27	CB	66	0.5	0.008
V. Agardius		25	LB	65	0.5	0.006
T. Eriksson		30	CM	65	0.5	0.005
P. Ericsson		26	ST	63	0.4	0.006
O. Söderberg		24	GK	62	0.3	0.004
S. Larsson		32	LB	60	0.1	0.003
S. Starke Hedlund	20	CB	55	0.1	0.001
G. Chkeidze		18	RB	55	0.1	0.001
M. Ahmed		20	RM	54	0.1	0.001
H. Hallberg		18	RM CM	54	0.1	0.001
S. Ingelsson		17	LM	53	0.1	0.001
J. Håkansson		17	GK	53	0.1	0.001
L. Hägg-Johansson	20	GK	52	0.1	0.001


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8 hours ago, andy_s said:

Steely 4 Andy 0 no injuries


Tighter than the score suggests with Steely taking his chances well - cheers for the game mate.


Cheers for the game Andy, yeah your right about the harsh scoreline, my first two goals in particular bobbled very kindly for me.

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Timmo 4 - 1 Bennette


No injuries


We then agreed to have our squads locked and play our game from the second half of the season:


Bennette 0 - 5 Timmo


No injuries


Good games Bennette. I managed to distract you with talk about Coventry.

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Manic 4 Baz 2


no inj


Bit laggy, and a bit "bitty" this game with not much flow to it.  Baz was full of his usual spins and flicks, which always leads to some clumsy tackles (from me anyways!) and sure enough I was lucky to only give away 1 penalty, he should have had at least 2!


As it was Sturridge and Tevez with 2 each sealed me the 3 points, all be it a little dicey when Baz came back to 4-3 with only a few minutes remaining.


Cheers for the game mate.

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