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FTL 14 - Gametime - 2nd half is go


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38 minutes ago, Timmo said:

Timmo 2 - 0 Bigboybaz


Good game mate. Forgot to look at injuries - did you check?

no injuries 


yeah good game mate , defensively you was mint hardly had a shot on target and you kept the ball to well for me to get any play going !! 


Well played mate 

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19 minutes ago, AlfromSleep said:


Steely, I'll be on from half 8ish

Al, I'll play you at 8:30pm whilst Steely and Wincho are playing if you want?


Steely or Wincho, do you want to play after your game against each other?



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23 minutes ago, AlfromSleep said:

Aye Graham, that works for me, catch you tonight


24 minutes ago, Steely said:

Aye, I'll pencil you in for after Winch.


I have to jump off for a bit at 9:30 but will be back on about 10:30 if anyone wants to play then.


Also 8PM im still free!

See you both tonight.


Wincho, do you want to play after I've played Steely? It'll be about 9:20pm.

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Wincho 2-2 BigBaz

Injury - Sviatchenko (Baz)


Baz took an early 2 goal lead through Ibe on 5 mins and then Dybala on 12m.

An Allan header got me within 1 goal after34m and then Higuain slid one in 4 mins later to level it

I had chances to win the game and probably should have but Baz hung on in there for a draw (14 attempts for me and just 3 for Baz)

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Wincho 1-0 Bennette

Injury - Mertens (Wincho) 


I made hard work of this but controlled the game with my superior team. 12 attempts and kept Bennette to two. The goal came from Mertens who had been given the hook at the time and would have come off had the ball gone dead before the goal


(Sponge Mertens)

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Steely 1-1 Baz 


No injuries 


good game mate , both had chances no one could get the win 

Baz 2-3 graham 


no injuries 


graham went 2 up , then dzagovic got sent off and put me down to 10 men , 2 quick fire goals from martial and dybala brought me back to 2-2 before graham got the winner 

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Wincho 3-1 Alfromsleep

Injury - Hamsik (Wincho)


Another game that I made more difficult than the stats suggest (15 attempts for me/3 for Al)

Insigne put me 1 up but (recently sponged) Aubameyang equalised for Al

Insigne got his and Napoli's second just after half time and (recently sponged) Mertens added a third on 73 mins to seal the points


Sponge Hamsik

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