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Lethal Weapon the TV Show


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On 02/06/2018 at 17:27, JohnC said:

Leaked audio of Crawford on set, clashing with Wayans and another time he lost it over apparent background noise. Also super dramatic music.


Sounds like there had been bad blood between the two leads for a while..



Clayne was 'officially' (?) fired from Lethal Weapon in May, and the show was on the bubble for renewal or cancellation as producers scrambled to find a replacement for the popular star.

The reason for his ousting was said to be that he exhibited bad behavior on the set and that he made the Fox drama difficult to work on.
There was even leaked audio that teased an on-set confrontation between Crawford and co-lead, Damon Wayans.

Crawford broke his silence last month when he appeared on sports podcast, Drinkin' Bros and opened up about being let go from the series. Crawford says he was never actually contacted by Warners to say he was fired.
"It's a little different when you replace Becky or the mom off of Fresh Prince. If they'd replaced the Fresh Prince, we'd have been like, 'What the f**k are we watching anyway?'" he said of the decision to replace him," adding:
"That's why I just didn't think it was possible.. I just didn't think they were going to get rid of me, I guess. And if they did, I thought they'd give me a buzz," he continued.

On the same podcast, Crawford revealed that he was being blackmailed with the threat of tapes of outbursts from the set being made public whenever he brought up the behavior of his then-co-lead, Wayans.  

“I knew that they were going to release these tapes because they’d been blackmailing me with them for months and months and months, the entire second season," he said.
"And I have all the text messages from these people and voicemails from these people saying, ‘Obviously you’re not the problem, but you’ve got to get ahead of this because you know they’re going to use those tapes against you.'”


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