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No Time To Die: Bond 25 - Out Now


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Nooo cin'ma!

What's the plan, the plan to let us watch?

I want to watch!


Such a closed cin'ma!

Beckons you, to stop social distancing!

But don't go in!


Golden words EON pour in your ear

But their lies can't disguise what you fear!

For if crowds of girls, just stay home and stream her...

It's the kiss of death, for UK cin'ma! (Wha wha whaaa!)

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I think, as time goes on, this decision to delay so for so long will condemn the movie to insignificance (it's already halfway there), but what seems most strange is that the produces appear to have take the decision that, in this blameless and unforeseeable situation, the people who should be made to suffer are the movie-going public.

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3 minutes ago, Hanzo the Razor said:

You watched them all in two minutes?

I just fast forwarded thru the bad bits and rewatched the good bits - so yeah :D



EDIT - more seriously though why on earth would I put myself through that pain again!

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I’m guessing they’re holding off because people won’t lose interest. It’s not like a franchise sequel where people might forget. They could make no Bond films for ten years and people would still remember Bond. They don’t even need to worry about the next film as it’s Craig’s last outing.

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3 hours ago, Fierce Poodle said:

Bond films are shit anyway. A few decent action scenes padded out with tedious storytelling and inane chit chat. Time for the franchise to die.


I think I mostly agree. Actually, I completely agree.


GoldenEye is the only one I can sit through these days but that's due to the age I was when it came out. I really think it's the perfect package if you take the film and the N64 game together.


But in saying that I think the opening to GoldenEye stands strong on its own, bond film or not - it's just fucking great. It's a cracking opening 10 minutes.


Actually while I'm at it I'm going to watch it again. It's perfect. Ourumov appearing in front of the bulletproof glass, that soundtrack, "FIRE!!!'. It's stupendous.



I just can't do the others, or at least I haven't bothered to try.

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