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chris on the moon

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9 hours ago, englishbob said:

Kids on a night out, with mobile phones as a constant distraction. I don't know such a world, but it could of been someone superfantastic on the decks, I don't think it would of engaged them in anyway, they look totally disinterested in being there. 


He didn't get a bad crowd, his performance was just so poor, he made everybody bored enough to look at their phones.

There are a million Boiler Room sets where a great performance is matched by a great crowd.

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And even one featuring Richie!


Boiler Room is amazing don't be an old fogey bob. He absolutely trainwrecks that set, starts off at too fast a tempo, inexplicably plays some trance track, fucks virtually all the transitions and ends with a pause and playing madvillain that didn't match anything else he played. It's abominable. 

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28 minutes ago, Broken Richie said:

Is that a better site to try than ticketmaster? 


Its June not July, for Dublin anyways.


Sorry my tablet was on 5% power, just wanted to give a heads up quickly. I thought I'd linked to ticketmaster. I'll edit now.


I went to see them at Manchester Arena in 2012, and my brother, who I'd asked to buy the tickets while I was at work, dithered over the cost, and I had to order them when I got home and take what was available. Maybe lucky to get a seat,.. high at the back. Then being there on the night it wasn't great, Radiohead on stage were so far away as to be literally tiny, a real sensation of distance. Give Up The Ghost was ruined by people getting up every few seconds, being so far away it lost that intimacy. I saw Arcade Fire at the same venue and that was sitting down by the side. Going to just pay the highest. Kind of lost faith that I'd get to see them again, properly.

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Couldn't get any. Had the loading bar by 8:55am, was on there by 9am, tried tier 1 seats 3 tickets. Tried 3 tickets for all kinds. Only could get one ticket to be available, 15 minutes later, but that was for me too far away. If I'd have known I'd just have gone for 1 ticket. Don't want to see them miles away. Did they give out a password again for their devotees on their website? I'm not even in work. Got to admire the invisible thousands who buy up all the good seats within a minute of me getting on there at...9am.


Tbh I think they're selfish lazy cunts for doing too few shows in their homeland 4 years after their last (in Manchester). The demand is insane. Last time there seemed to be many there who weren't fans. That's a big venue. I'm sure I'm insensitive to their work load and the amount of shows they do in other countries. I dont care. I think they should do more shows in their homeland. Obviously I'm not considerate of all those in Scotland and Cornwall and Newcastle who don't get the chance to fail at buying tickets or have to travel. 


Broken Richie I'm going to murder the person you intend to take and take his/her place


This has put me off seeing them anyways



edit: actually I got 1 for standing at eventim. I didn't think there was standing. *checks for whether eventim is legit*


edit2: brother got 2 more standing for Wednesday. Hurrah, my dad will have to miss the pub, but hurrah.

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Nah they're good live, don't be daft.


Live versions always slay even of middling songs.


The Chicago set was deadly.


Something to look forward to after medical finals at least. 

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You know what it's like working in a hospital. I was on call for three years man!!


on that note, I'm shortlisted for a job in Doha...






1 minute ago, Broken Richie said:

G3 I believe. We can finally meet despite having been in the same place for months at a time!


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Setlist from September 2016



1 Burn the Witch

2 Daydreaming

3 Ful Stop

4 Airbag

5 2 + 2 = 5

(The Smiths' "How Soon Is Now?" acapella intro)

6 The National Anthem

7 Bloom

8 Lotus Flower

9 The Gloaming

10 Exit Music (for a Film)

11 The Numbers

12 Identikit

13 Reckoner

14 Everything in Its Right Place

15 Idioteque

16 Bodysnatchers

17 Street Spirit (Fade Out)


18 Give Up the Ghost

19 Paranoid Android

20 Nude

21 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

22 There There

23 Karma Police


Dream set list:


1 15 Step

2 2+2=5

3 Lotus Flower

4 Weird Fishes

5 Where I End And You Begin

6 Ful Stop

7 The National Anthem

8 There There

9 Bodysnatchers

10 Identikit

11 Pyramid Song

12 Present Tense

13 Knives Out

14 Give Up The Ghost

15 Reckoner

16 How To Disappear Completely

17 Paranoid Android


18 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

19 True Love Waits (acoustic)

20 Jigsaw Falling Into Place

21 Exit Music (For A Film)

22 Myxomatosis

23 In Limbo

24 Idioteque


The one Radiohead track i don't like and think is waayy overated, is Karma Police. I'll be booing if they waste a space playing that. 

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3 hours ago, dino_jr said:

You forgot let down


I didn't, it's one of my favourite Radiohead tracks, but they don't play it live as well, hence why they rarely do. They've brought it back recently, after something like 18 years, but it doesn't soar like the recorded version and his voice isn't as good. 


I like Fake Plastic Trees but prefer their other slower songs. 

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On 11/4/2016 at 20:41, d ebolenk said:

Dream set list:




The one Radiohead track i don't like and think is waayy overated, is Karma Police. I'll be booing if they waste a space playing that. 


No Everything in its Right Place? :o

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40 minutes ago, Nick R said:

No Everything in its Right Place? :o


The opening synth would likely give me goosebumps in a live setting, they do that incredible live, but the rest of the track doesn't do much for me. Similar to the live versions of Let Down I've been listening to, it's very evocative at the beginning, maybe it'd be worth hearing them both live just for the opening synth or chords giving an immediate rush. 

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It is one of life's enduring mysteries, how those so fond of The Bends can't find anything of their later stuff to enjoy. Tbh I struggle with the concept they're 'miserable'. I rewatched the 2003 Jonathan Ross interview again, that perception seems to come from when you just compare them with the outwardly happy music, as though when you cross into the mainstream you abide by those rules. There's plenty of genuinely dour bands who lack the creativity, variety and sense of fun of Radiohead. Not to dismiss the depth of Radiohead's music, but it's the best melancholic pop, and clearly uplifting rather than dour, not easy, they're so musically creative, they've never become a parody of themselves, they've just accepted it's what they do, and continue to evolve naturally retaining the musicality. I think Bjork has been more experimental in her last two albums in terms of unorthodox time signatures, her voice and the music being at odds, it's more avant garde. Not like it matters. 

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On 6 November 2016 at 10:16, cerseis eyebrows said:

Dream set list;


Planet Telex

The Bends

High and Dry

Fake Plastic Trees



My Iron Lung

Black Star





The Bends



Needs some Fog. I'd also like some True Love Waits - but not the MSP album version. And Killer Cars.

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On 04/11/2016 at 10:10, Broken Richie said:

there was no waste presale this time. We're a long way from the no logo tent tour aren't we.


Just seen this; we got standing tickets for Manchester because of the waste presale. Didn't realise others had issues getting tickets but we got them a day (or two?) early and it was a piece of piss. Sorry to hear people missed out; I thought all went well for people wanting tickets. 

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