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7 hours ago, clippa said:


I bloody well hope not. You got banned for that? I am a fucking weirdo!

Maybe the mods are getting a bit too trigger happy.


Youre a donkey fucking weirdo. How you slipped under the radar this long is incredible. Now fuck off :hat:

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if yoshi's getting a ban, can I propose that its postponed until the new year?


he clearly thinks he wont be online enough over xmas for it to be an issue.


so make like Microsoft, delay it until march.



Ps. I thought thebuddaofgaming was my special "nothing but negs" poster...

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Been having great fun playing Hitman up until about 12pm where it's just been disconnecting constantly. What's the point of a single player game having to be online if you can't have working servers? Slap bang in the middle of an assassination, itching to play and can't because of constant disconnects.

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4 hours ago, mdn2 said:

It interesting that any time someone says anything negative about the XBox, @the_buddha_of_gaming always comes along and negs them. 


At least Yoshimax has balls to tell people what they think.


Merry Christmas guys!


4 hours ago, Harsin said:

Religiously posses anything Yoshimax posts and auto negs anything even vaguely critical of him or the Xbox brand and only posts in Trading?





He's also negged the banning in the Banned thread. What a strange fellow.

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Chuffed with the gifting system on Xbox now. I wanted to get the Sims digital for the missus but it was £45-55 everywhere I looked.


Xbox had it on sale for £31. Selected gift, dropped in my email address, purchased it with my CDKeys credit that I got for about £27 and they sent me a 25 digit code I could write in a card for her!

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5 minutes ago, Hitcher said:

Just remember that you can't gift from other regions.


I don't buy from other regions. Can't be bothered with the hassle. Using the CDKeys credit with 5% off & timing it with sales gets games at a price I'm happy enough with.

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