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The Official Rllmuk Awards 2015 - The Results - Now: The Final Script


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  • 2 weeks later...

I really don't get why people keep banging on about the microtransactions in MGSV. I think I was only made aware of their presence once, and I spent about 90 hours on it. 


It's not a perfect game but this seems a rather flimsy stick to beat it with. 

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I know, it is confusing that I love Mirror's Edge Catalyst without ever noting the flaws in it. And certainly not the flaw you've mentioned above.


On 6/12/2016 at 7:34 PM, Wiper said:

I've spent most of the weekend playing through Catalyst, and I'm really digging it. There are some really dumb design decisions - along with the aforementioned over-enthusiastic default runner's vision, there's the fact that DICE rebalanced the challenges following the beta as too many people were beating them early on... by making some of the early challenges literally impossible until you've unlocked abilities that aren't around until later in the game, without warning the player. A truly awful decision, and one which only accentuates the terrible idea it was to hold back your movement set until you get level-ups.




Just as it's funny how the flaws in The Phantom Pain mean I completely hate it and definitely didn't vote for it. Or, you know, describe it as the Worst Best Game of the Year (as opposed to just plain Worst).


But I digress. It's time for the penultimate Special Award. I managed to get my first neg in this topic for that last award (well, potentially two, depending how many posts we count), so let's see how many negs I can get for this set of awards from NEG!



Edit: I've had to actually remove NEG's entry as it utterly kills the post (and my browser) - it seems Youtube videos break consecutive spoiler frames by forcing them to nest, and I don't want everyone else to suffer broken browsers. I'll instead put in the start of it, and you can extrapolate the rest...






Would you like Top 10 Best Butts 2015?




What about Best Sonic Re-releases & Why you should buy them?




Well okay, I guess I'll just do a more in-depth post about my picks for 2015, plus a little extra at the end. Enjoy.


Game of the Year
01. Undertale



02. Super Mario Maker


03. Out Run 3D

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Yes, I deployed the drive-by neg(s)... ack.. I'm just getting frustrated as I disagree at a completely fundamental level regarding the critiques leveraged towards MGSV and I don't want it to become some battle of diatribes of complete opposition. I find it all so tediously trite and obnoxious. 

I guess it's easier to hit that red button, but it's silly and I do apologise. It's all opinion and I very much appreciate the work that Wiper has put into these Awards threads. 

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It's fine, I've sort of missed the battlegrounds of green and red I got in past years! I wouldn't say it's worth getting too upset about people criticising The Phantom Pain, mind, as it's not as though the critical consensus has been too unkind to it, and that's something you'll see reflected in its performance in this game's awards.


1 hour ago, Captain LeChuck said:

:lol:  That's good to know, that I wasn't actually doing anything wrong, and the game was just being a colossal cunt. 


Yeah, the opening of the game is by far its weakest point, and they absolutely should have just left out the challenges until later in the game when they were actually beatable (or, you know, not rebalanced them in the first place). It's a great frustration for me that the first hour and a half or so of the game show it in such a bad light, particularly as they coupled that with a beta that allowed so many people to play said first hour and a half and (understandably) write off the game based on it. Hell, I almost wrote it off based on its weak start in the beta - and that was before they broke the challenges to further damage any first impressions.

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On 27/06/2016 at 8:56 PM, Wiper said:

The Worst Best Game of the Year


I hope you're saving some of your ranting for when it ends up at the top of the GOTY awards ;)

(not played it myself so I have nothing to say on the game, except that I saw it getting a lot of high-placing votes in the polling)

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Well, this is it. The final Special Award of the year, and I've made sure we go out with a bang, courtesy of a brilliant entry from Rev (and if you enjoy this award, you should definitely check out his site, because it's all cut from the same, delightful, early-mid '90s UK games magazine inspired cloth).


Also, I'm sure you'll all approve of my timeliness in presenting to you this fine E3 2015-themed award immediately after E3 2016.





Mick Fleetwood: And for the next of the official rllmuk awards, we've got the award for Best E3 Press Event Ever That Took Place In 2015, nominated and decided on by www.bluekeycard.com. And the nominees are:



-That mess of a PC gaming thing

-A livestream of a fish slowly dying


And the winner is...That mess of a PC gaming thing, where they decided that what the world needed at 3am was a talk show format where they would announce some graphics cards and pretend this wasn't the most embarrassing thing...


ENTER Samantha Fox, flustered.


Samantha Fox: "Noooo, that was in last place behind the Sony one and even worse than a livestream of a fish slowly dying! Read the card properly Mick! I can't believe this is happening again!"


Mick Fleetwood: "I am literally part of Fleetwood Mac. I am The Mick Fleetwood. Why do I keep agreeing to host these award ceremonies?"


Samantha Fox: "Oh, don't be so hard on yourself The Mick Fleetwood. It's clearly a comedy introduction referencing something that happened so long ago that it is as likely to exclude part of its audience as it is to entertain them"


Mick Fleetwood: "What? Why?"


Samantha Fox: "It's written to match the house style of the website the person who is writing this recently launched."


Mick Fleetwood: "No, I mean why? Why would they write all this?"


Samantha Fox: "Oh. I don't know, The Mick Fleetwood. I just don't know."


Mick Fleetwood: "Well, I am going to give them a piece of my mind"




Samantha Fox: "I was OK with this introduction before, but now they're taking The Mick. Fleetwood. Sony's press conference was the best ever and wins the award."


There's an argument that suggests that it is important that these massive marketing events for global corporations should be sensible and focused on things coming out this financial year. Presumably this is as it would allow a clear comparison can be made between the participants and share prices at the end of the financial year. If there's one thing that people that like videogames like, it's charting the revenue of global corporations.


Those people are wrong. And weird. And weird and wrong.


Sony, perhaps in part because they had no real games, chose to present a conference created in a masturbatory fever dream of a videogame fan who'd sensibly given up on Half-Life 3. Pretty much everything else appeared.


OK, the second half of the conference has been forgotten by everyone, someone from Call of Duty got pinned in one place by a spike whilst we were told it was less on rails this year and no-one else knows what happened after the earlier section reached crescendo. And what a crescendo that was.


The original games alone were better than most E3 fare. Perhaps a little "on trend" given the popularity of ARK: Survival Evolved and perhaps titled too much like a TV documentary, Horizon: Zero Dawn did look good very good. If there was any claim about that being commercially influenced, fuck knows what was going on in Media Molecule's game Dreams. Literally, fuck knows. In fact even a year later, fuck knows. Something about claymation polar bear nightmares? A properly "he ate all the cheese before bed" bag of Fuck Knows. Perhaps the strangest game that has ever been front and centre at a conference, but based on that alone it's great.


But the nostalgia ones...Christ that was powerful, more powerful than I think anyone when given the list would expect. As individual punches we'd have been able to take them, but delivered in that quickfire combo we're down on the mat asking if anyone got the number of that donkey cart.


Perhaps The Last Guardian was the least exciting on the day, although with a more sober head the idea of a game from the stables of Ico and Shadows of the Colossus is perhaps the most tempting. It had to be shown really, nudging towards the last chance of being taken seriously and it looked pretty much as good as one could hope.


A remake, even of Final Fantasy VII is perhaps not quite cause for celebration but the way in which it was announced took some balls. It was rumoured to be at E3, but the last time it was rumoured to be at an event Square had decided to announce a quick port in the grandiose manner that one would announce a remake of FFVII. So when they did announce FFVII it felt like they weren't to be believed. When it turned out to be exactly what was being demanded, well, things got a bit exciting.


But that was nothing compared to those pink petals fluttering down. For the sake of clarity, I played both Shenmues at essentially release and enjoyed both whilst not necessarily disagreeing when Edge gave the first, the better of the pair, 6/10. It had plenty of problems, but it was vast and exciting and everything that someone would want to appear on Sega's swan song. Obviously I wanted Shenmue 3, but it wasn't hugely high on the list of desired games...But...It's impossible to avoid being wanky here, but it was the sort of announcement that lets you believe good things are possible, that there is hope, that people should chase their dreams. Even now, nearly a year later I find myself a little emotional at the thought of it being announced. At the time I swore a few times on Twitter and then cried like a baby.


I still don't know why.


But that's why you watch E3, that's why you play games. It's nothing to do with revenues and financial projections, if you're looking for a profit certainly don't make a Shenmue game, it's about basking in a passion that stretches deeper than you probably acknowledge and just enjoying every bit of the ridiculousness. Nothing like Sony's 2015 E3 conference will ever happen again, but it might. That's the important part, it might.


Nice work, Sony.

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GOT-what now? I've no idea what you're talking about.


(the Game of the Year awards start... tonight. At 21:00. A nice way to start the second half of the year, no? ;) )

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37 minutes ago, mdn2 said:

Game You Thought About the Most This Year That You Didn't Play This Year Award


Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


You son of a bitch



Sorry it is meant to be something that you have played.

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Last year I thought about Destiny a lot more than I played it, and this year I've thought about Street Fighter V without playing it to a similar degree. Both have meticulously designed core gameplay, both have forgivable content issues which the world used as excuses to dismiss them as bad games, and both also have inherent - and significant - flaws locked into those meticulously designed cores which filter out in all sorts of interesting ways.


I feel like both Destiny and SFV have taught me a lot about games and a fair amount about myself, which isn't bad for a pair of games I claim to dislike.


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That was unexpected. :D I like the format though - your commentary is great and it's edited together really well.


Oh, and I didn't include the SFV beta in my list because I didn't really think it counted, but even so it probably wouldn't have ended up very high since it was a portion of a full game... :P 

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Thanks! I'll look forward to your high-placed vote for the complete and far better than beta SFV next year, then :P


I think you asked on Twitter about forumite commentary - I honestly can't remember whether I didn't look for it in all entries in this first part (I wrote this one up literally months ago), but it wasn't intentional if I missed them out entirely. Due to length issues if I have had things to say about games myself I've had to be reasonably sparing with other commentary, at least in these early stages, but the intention was still to give a flavour where possible.


Also, for those games where I haven't got anything to add, if commentary was available I've used it - you'll see that in the next video for sure!

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Fuck, I forgot to stick in my subliminal "Half Life 2 is shit" messaging in there! One frame every 10 seconds should do it; maybe the next video...

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2 hours ago, Wiper said:

RIGHT. It's finally time for the Game of the Year awards. Oh joy, oh rapture!


Only, I'm doing things a little differently this year. Changing things up. I promised something 'special' many moons ago, and something special you will have. Whether you actually like it or not remains to be seen, but I've had a nice time putting it together so far, and that's what really counts.


So, without further ado, I give you The Rllmuk Game of the Year Awards Hyper Video Edition 2015


(you can thank Youtube for the fantastic thumbnail choice, there)


If you just want to see a list, you can click through to the video as I've stuck that in the video's description. Because I'm nice like that.


For what it's worth, this first video is a bit heftier than should be the norm - the next clocks in closer to ten minutes than fifteen, a trend I hope to see continue. The second is also a bit more polished (in both delivery and in terms of video - it's not 100% official trailers, for one thing, as I finally got my video capture card set up in my new PC), and I'm hopeful that the videos will continue to improve as I get more au fait with the whole process.


All that said, I appreciate any feedback - this is far out of my comfort zone, and any criticism will help me improve all the more quickly. Though I fear I'll continue to be limited in terms of hardware (no camcorder or top-end microphones here) and software (if it costs more than Audacity or Shotcut - i.e. £0 - I probably won't be using it).


Also, as these videos take a bit longer to make than just writing stuff down (and I love stretching things out), the next video won't be up until next Monday. Sorry.


Hooray, you listened!


Cheers, enjoyed that. Can you just turn up the volume a little because I've got my speakers on full but it's still a bit muffled?

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I did! That reminds me, if anyone doesn't like this new direction, it's SMD's fault ;)


Also, your speakers are rubbish. But I did notice that the levels were a bit low, though more than enough for my PC so I'd hoped it would be alright generally - I'll try and boost them in Audacity from the third video onwards. I'll see if I can increase the output in Shotcut for video 2 (I've already cut most of it, so I'm loathe to have to replace the source audio tracks), but I worry that might blow out the audio.

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I struggled to hear on full blast too, although I suppose suggesting that we all go out and buy a new sound system rather than accepting some fault on your end is in keeping with the general tone of the awards ;)

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Blimey, the audio levels are low on that.


Wiper, I love all the effort you put into this evey year, so I feel bad for writing this. But I can't be the only one here is much less likely to watch a video of the awards being read out than I was to read through the posts?

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